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Guide and remedies for weight loss

Slimming is an imperative, not only to correct the excesses of Christmas or to get your swimsuit on the beach. It is a matter of health by the pace of life and how to understand it that we carry. But attention!, is the same weight loss to lose weight healthily, how sound is to reduce our body fat index, and this is not always what we do when we thinned the first way that comes to mind.
For our health and our passing figure, what really matters most us is to eliminate or reduce the accumulation of fat in our body, this excess is the really harmful. The problem is that they are not only socioeconomic factors that influence weight gain, to them join you other ways of understanding life involving, directly, a disproportionate increase of our body mass.
 We refer to the sedentary, inadequate food and customs to the excessive trend that increasingly is to not sacrifice ourselves, to not suffer the least, meet at all times our wishes. All this makes that as our body loses metabolic capacity for age and other factors, will be accumulating all those products that do not use and can not excrete sufficient speed, thus increasing, inevitably, our index of fat body and consequently, our weight.
Then, to reduce our weight permanently and in the long run and that made sacrifice worthwhile, is not enough that sporadically make certain "miracle diets" (often forget that, during that regime, can be prone to getting sick due to the lack of vitamins and other essential elements to maintain health.), but needed a radical change of our way of life. If not, soon we could be recovering what was lost.
 In all magic formulas for weight loss it has a little sacrifice, i.e., almost no one is willing to do something as simple as balancing consumer spending.

Guide and remedies for weight loss

1- Intermittent fasting. As a "fat-burning" our accumulated:

 There is a kind of diet's recent discovery and which represents a good compromise solution: intermittent fasting. This type of "diet" is simple and really is a minor sacrifice, and is based on helping our body to change the mode of energy consumption. As if we were that our car burn other fuel different, pass of the "mode burning sugars/carbohydrates", to the "fat burning mode", becoming fat in its main fuel. We will explain it much better.
 This simple form of diet consists of well set our meals, so extra time intervals where the food we eat. Thus force our body to use grease rather than make immediate use of the sugars we eat.
 That Yes, for "force" our body to perform this change, must be a minimum interval of 16 hours without eating. Don't be alarmed, it's simpler than it seems.
 You should know that the body needs about 6 to 8 hours to metabolize our reserves of glycogen (stored as sugars fast energy), after that time, the body has consumed our "reserves of sugar" and then try to get energy by burning our accumulated fat. For this reason, if we invigorate this lost glycogen eating before every eight hours, the body will never use fat as fuel reserves. If we go to the "fat burning mode", this will result in a gradual reduction of weight and a proportional increase of physical well-being.
There are different ways to make it possible. One of the options is not breakfast and our first daily meal is lunch (obviously can have a coffee in the morning, but without milk, and with a natural sweetener type kaa-hee, to not introduce sugar in our body). Obviously, not we should eat more at lunch by not having breakfast.
We must not forget that fasting does not mean that we can then ingest anything: radically eliminating junk food, we must minimize the sugars and replace them with fat as "good", as the oil of coconut, the of olive, butter, eggs, avocados, walnuts and moringa oil.
For example, we can take a tablespoon of coconut oil in the afternoon, once reached eight hours without eating. This stimulates the metabolic process "fat burning" and also has a direct effect of thyroid stimulation, thus increasing also metabolism, promoting the consumption of fat.
The effect is not immediate, takes a couple of weeks to start, but when the body begins to make the change in the way burn sugars by the way burns fat, we will see how the cravings for sweets and unhealthy foods are disappearing (since the body uses fat as fuel, and does not ask for sugar)

Guide and remedies for weight loss

2- Recommendations and folk remedies:

As we stated in the introduction, change our habits is vital to achieve weight loss and take care of our physical and emotional health. To do this we must follow some recommendations.
Drink plenty of water facilitates the process of slimming, helps the body break down fat and helps to eliminate the feeling of hunger. Take between 8-10 glasses of water (2 liters) minimum.
Eliminate sugars and alcohol. Remove chocolates and sweets. We will instead consume fruits, mostly Orange and grapefruit. Alcohol should be avoided, since it is metabolized like sugar.
Avoid the use of diuretic medications in order to lose weight. Delete too many fluids of the body to lower blood pressure (hypo tension), this causes the person to feel tired, dizzy and exhausted what hinders the loss of pounds.
Take care of food and how to cook. To do this remove the consumption of "junk food" and saturated fat, and to minimize meal, potatoes, rice... (say all white) and red meats. Instead, we will consume meat of chicken, fish and all kinds of vegetables. If you can't avoid eating between meals, you can take an infusion, 100 g. of pickled gherkins, a tomato or juice of tomato or some cereal (corn or oat flakes). Not only what you eat, is also important as cooking, we prefer roasted and cooked fried, lighter preparations are steaming, boiling, oven and grilled.
 Avoid sitting in front of the TV or the computer long time. Lead a sedentary, spending more than 4 hours sitting, negatively influencing the levels of glucose and fat in the body. According to various studies, every hour spent sitting increases the risk of heart disease by 18%. If we need to be sitting a long time, it is necessary to break this dynamic every half hour or hourly at least with five minutes of moderate exercise or activity.
 Eat in small plates. According to studies by the University of Utah, there is a lag between the moment in which a person has finished eating and the time in which your stomach feels full. Using small dishes are served smaller portions. In this sense, to empty the dish, the brain receives the signal to have finished eating and the true feeling of being satiated or not will we. So avoid eating "more".
Season with pepper, ginger, curry and chili meals. These foods thermogenics activate metabolism, thus burning calories faster. In addition, these spices fight acidity, swelling and improve digestion.
 Exercise. Half an hour of walking during the day can be very effective. Whenever possible, we will choose to go up the stairs to take the elevator.
 No go to buy food with hunger. It is nonsense, buy at the grocery store hungry stimulates gluttony and we can be tempted to buy more food than necessary, and even eat more sweet and less adequate.
 Natural remedies focus his performance in naturally stimulating the liver and the digestive system, which facilitates the process of weight loss.
Take 1 tbsp. diluted vinegar with a pinch of baking soda in a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal.
 Consume parsley, vinegar of Apple and hard boiled egg, contributes to thinning since we consume more energy to metabolize them than what they provide.
 Infusion of horehound: 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of hot water. Take 2 cups daily for 15 days well warm. Avoid pregnancy, gastritis or peptic ulcer.
 Infusion of red tea and cardamom. Heats 1 liter of water and add 2 tablespoons of tea and 5 teaspoons cardamom. Take 1 cup a day. Avoid pregnancy, gastritis or peptic ulcer.
 Carrot juice. Blending or mixing 3 carrots without peeling. Drink three times a day between meals.
 Water strainer. Cook 3 artichokes in half a liter of water for 15 minutes. Drink throughout the day.
Preparation of celery, turnips and parsley. Wash and chop 3 stalks of celery, a handful of parsley and 2 turnips. Boil in half a liter of water for 15 minutes. Take throughout the day.
 Blending of Green Apple and pineapple juice. Wash and cut a Green Apple in squares and blending with a glass of pineapple juice. Take every morning.
 Fucus, dandelion and turmeric. Algae Fucus vesiculitis are rich in minerals such as iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron which allows a response of thyroid that boosts energy consumption. The dandelion stimulates natural liver and digestive system, and turmeric is a great antioxidant. These three foods combined very effectively facilitate the process of weight loss.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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