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Do you suffer from heartburn or heartburn? They are not the same!

Many people have suffered promptly any of these discomfort after eating, usually by not eating in a balanced way, but there are those who suffer them almost daily, eat what they eat. In this article you will learn why are heartburn and acidity, since knowing them and differentiate them will help you to determine which imbalance you have to treat it with natural remedies also proposed.

Do you suffer from heartburn or heartburn? They are not the same!

1- Factors that influence:

There are some issues that are common to these two disorders and therefore highlight them first:
Combine different foods in the same food: for example, meat and fish, vegetables and meat, dairy and meat, etc. We should choose more simple meals.
Eat too much: If our stomach trouble digesting, the healthier will be eating small amounts and more again and again throughout the day, to avoid overcharging.
Take sugar and or high in fats, dairy desserts: they are little digestive and get fat, so it will always be better to take them mid-morning or average late.
Eat citrus dessert, since acids are not digested well after the meal. Better choose Apple or pear and leave the citrus for the morning.
Eating too fast, without properly chewing the food.
Drink plenty of water in food: is much healthier to drink it until half an hour before or after digestion.
Eat in States of stress, nervousness, anxiety or irritability. We will try to eat alone, in pleasant surroundings, without doing other activities and avoiding companies that alter our State of mind.
Having consumed during long seasons antacid medications, which may have altered the naturally acidic pH of our stomach.

2- Burning:

Heartburn sufferers are different from the rest because your stomach produces few gastric juices, which causes food to ferment to not be well digested.
In addition, the most common symptoms are:

Slow digestion, with heaviness.
Burning appearing after eating.
Hunger with anxiety.
It is easily filled.
You may also experience constipation, gas and problems of inflammation of gums.

Do you suffer from heartburn or heartburn? They are not the same!

Remedies for heartburn:

To combat these symptoms we have to follow the following tips:
Eat smaller amounts throughout the day.
Not take very hot or very cold foods.
Although we feel anxiety by eating, trying to chew well and eat at slow pace.
Taking a natural supplement based on digestive enzymes, suitable for us according to the type of food that us more difficult to digest (fats, proteins, carbohydrates).

3- Acidity:

Heartburn is the opposite to the burning:
The stomach secretes too many acids, so food is digested much faster.We will also distinguish by the following symptoms:

The heartburn appears before eating.
There is also much appetite and also food precisely calms the acidity.
Many thirst for cold drinks.
Also can result in constipation and inflamed gums.

Remedies for acidity:

Although eating soothe heartburn, try to do it always chewing food well and choosing those who are healthy and refreshing.
Avoid food acids and acidifying nature, such as citrus, refined flours, sugars, fried foods, dairy or red meat. That we can take lemon, because although it is acid it has the property of neutralizing the acid in our stomach.

Do you suffer from heartburn or heartburn? They are not the same!

Antidotes naturals:

If we need to take an antacid, both for the symptoms of heartburn and acidity, will choose one of these natural remedies that make without altering the natural pH of the stomach and will try to avoid medications and even sodium bicarbonate, which in the long run can be harmful.
Umeboshi plums: Japanese umeboshi plums have a very strong flavor, which is salty and acid at the same time, since they are fermented. However they are very beneficial. Just put the tip of a spoon in the middle of our language, let a few moments and swallow.
White clay (for oral use): white clay is a very beneficial supplement, since it helps eliminate toxins from our body and is an excellent alkaline, which neutralizes the acidity. We will put a glass of water with a teaspoon of clay. We will remove with a spoon that is not plastic or metal. Let sit for ten minutes and will take the preparation.
Raw potato juice: the juice of potato, despite having a texture and a taste a little strange, is a natural antacid that we should always have handy. We can blend a well washed and peeled potato either buy the juice in an herbalist.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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