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Home remedies to remove intestinal parasites

In our intestines can accommodate a large number of unwanted guests, such as parasites; These single-celled organisms can reach our intestines by drinking water or eating contaminated food. The "great advantage" is that parasites are not reproduced in our body, so it can be removed through some treatments, either with conventional medications or natural remedies. We know a little more on the subject.

Home remedies to remove intestinal parasites

1- How to know if we have parasites?

We can suspect that we are infected with some kind of parasite if we present:
Nausea or vomiting
Stomach pains
Weight loss
Excess gas
Presence of parasites in the stool.
Ideally, in the same time our minds the presence of some of these symptoms we go to a medical consultation, that through various analysis can know what kind of parasite is attacking. However, on this occasion we are going to highlight some home treatments that can help us to get rid of them naturally.

2- Garlic:

Garlic has the property Act in the body by eliminating most of the parasites that attack us. For this reason, the garlic is effective if consumed a whole and fresh garlic in fasting as take your capsule.

3- Golden seal plant:

This plant is used since ancient times. Taken in infusion it can finish with parasites that compromise membranous tissues of the body.

Home remedies to remove intestinal parasites

4- Black Walnut:

This walnut, processed for its fluid, is used to kill common pests that attack children.

5- Mug wort:

Artemisia is a medicinal herb that has been used for centuries as a natural and efficient treatment to remove a variety of intestinal parasites, since its components have the property of weakening the membranes of these organisms. This herb can be prepared in an infusion, but it also gets in the form of capsules. Of the two forms is equally effective.

6- Worm seed:

The best and most effective way to prepare this plant is in the form of tea. This natural remedy against parasites is widely used in Mexico.

7- Pumpkin seeds:

These seeds are - especially - used to remove intestinal tapeworms. The recommended dose is seven hundred grams for an adult. The correct way to prepare them is ground and mixed with the juice of a fruit; two hours before taking this preparation should be taken a laxative, so the best way to cleanse the bowel.

8- Grapefruit extract:

This summary is available in all stores specializing in natural foods. Grapefruit extract has anti fungal and antimicrobial properties.

Home remedies to remove intestinal parasites

9- Additional recommendations:

When performing treatments to combat parasites, it is necessary to take into account that there are some foods that is best avoided during the time duration that the cleaning of the intestines. The foods that we should avoid include:

The coffee
The refined sugar
High-fat foods.
During this process it is recommended that you consume:

Pineapple juice
Seeds of papaya
Carrot juice
Sweet Potato
Probiotics (yogurt)
Remember that these recommendations are to complement conventional medical treatments, but before making them is good to consult your doctor if you can do them together with the treatment he is prescribing you or after it is complete, to make cleaning more effective.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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