Saturday, November 14, 2015

7 home remedies based on apples

"The apple is the diamond of the fruits"… that's at least what says the popular saying, its use spread especially in the middle Ages, when it started to be grown in large quantities by its medicinal virtues extending its use throughout the world, develop new and more varied typologies of apples.
They are healthy and incredibly beneficial, his heart exquisite, half way between the sweetness and acidity, hosts dozens of properties that they will take care of you and your loved ones if you consume daily would you like to know more?

7 home remedies based on apples

1- 10 benefits of consuming Apple:

Helps us to digest fat thanks to its malic acid and tartaric acid.
It is one of the fruits with more antioxidant properties, especially if you eat the red apple.
If we eat an apple before or after dinner we will sate, helping us for example to get a flat belly.
We moisturizes, has more than a 80% water.
Is diuretic and reduces blood pressure thanks to potassium.
Has vitamin E, containing soluble and insoluble fiber.
It is very beneficial if we consume with skin, its pectin protects our intestinal mucous.
Possess substances photo chemical that help us to prevent cancer, diabetes and low cholesterol.
QUENTIN, protects us from cardiovascular problems, and inflammatory diseases like arthritis,
It takes too long to be damaged so we can keep several weeks and take them with us on our walks or when we exercise.

7 home remedies based on apples

2- Home remedies with apples:

This is another sentence that brings the popular proverbs, wise sentences that never are exempt from reason. That is why we want to transmit you a few tips so that you benefit from its wonderful properties, always recommending you the importance of eating an Apple a day.
Depurant cure: its composition makes them very suitable for debugging our intestines and to protect against infections. This is ideal to consume them roasted or boiled, half a kilo at least but take care especially that the apples are free of pesticides or chemical treatments.
Apple to avoid high cholesterol. The American Heart Association recommends we eat apples dried along with prunes to regulate the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol.
Apples weight loss: as we have noted above, Apple has satiating properties, hence consuming it at specific moments of the day help us to go regulating our weight. It is very successful for example consume them before eating and dining, we cut it into small pieces (including skin) and consume it as if it were a salad. Remember as always wash thoroughly before eating it.
Remedy for diarrhea: to relieve this annoying State can resort to a porridge of apples. We take half a kilo of raw and peeled, and pass through the Blender to get a thick paste that is easy to swallow and digest.
Remedy for coughs and colds. To benefit from their properties in these States, we can take an Apple, remove the heart and the seeds, and in the Center, apply a good tablespoon of honey. We will then cooking it to simmer so that you remove your syrup natural, incredibly beneficial for the discomfort of colds. Take your juice at night.
Juice for stress and fatigue. Apple, for its high level of phosphorus and potassium, is suitable to solve States of excitement and nervousness, to give us forces and cleanse our body. If every morning have a glass of Apple juice mixed with a carrot juice for breakfast, you'll see its revitalizing results.
Anti-aging mask with Apple. In this case, we will need a Green Apple peeled and minced. We can pass it through the Blender to obtain a homogeneous mixture, once achieved, add two tablespoons of honey and two of milk. He returned to beat to get a thick dough. If you apply it yourself at night before going to sleep for 15 minutes, you will notice their profits long term.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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