Monday, November 16, 2015

What fruits and vegetables can directly apply on your skin?

The most economic and natural way to keep your skin hydrated, youthful and bright is not using expensive creams or making expensive treatments, if not taking advantage of the benefits that some foods can make you simply applying them regularly.
There is food for all skin types, and in this article you will learn what are and what properties have when you apply them onto the skin. Do not miss it!

What fruits and vegetables can directly apply on your skin?

1- The avocado skin to exfoliate:

 The first food that we are presenting is a fruit that has many properties not only for our food but also cosmetics. The avocado pulp is already well known thanks to its content of healthy fats that allow us to nourish the skin in depth, simply applying it for about 20 or 30 minutes as if it were a mask. But also today we give you to know a most original use and it is in use the peeling of the avocado to make us a peel or scrub that will allow us to eliminate dead cells and regenerate the skin. We will only have to gently rub your skin with the inner part of the peeling, which also contains part of the fruit that will protect the skin so that it does not dry out. Then we will clarify with warm water.

2- Linseed oil to nourish:

Linseed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, ideal for skin that is dry and tend to trend to the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, its texture is not too fat, so it can also be applied in combination skin or oily skin during the night. We will apply it gently massaging the skin in the form of circles, including the lips and neck.

 3- Oil of coconut for oily skins:

 Coconut oil is ideal for mixed or fat skins, thanks to its light texture and little fat that is absorbed easily, does not leave the skin bright and also deeply nourishes, gives elasticity to the skin and leaves a delicious aroma.

What fruits and vegetables can directly apply on your skin?

4- The Apple skin to clean:

The saying that if we eat an Apple a day we won't need to ever go to the doctor. Apple, despite not being one of the fruits that attract most attention, has numerous benefits, and in addition we can also benefit from peeling to tone and cleanse our skin. We will have to clean the face with the inside of the peeling, as if it were a cleansing pad, and can then clarify the face so that it is not sticky either let it do a few more minutes.

5- Juice and pulp from carrot tanning:

The skin should always be protected from the solar rallos, and so we turned to a food rich in beta-carotene which will help us not only to protect it from the Sun but they can be getting a nice and soft tanning. In this case we recommend taking daily carrot Smoothie, and additionally take advantage of the pulp which either a bit of the same juice to apply ourselves in the form of mask, for half an hour.

6- Strawberry and lemon stains:

For people who have freckles or spots, especially if they have appeared to be caused by the Sun or the passage of time, we recommend a home remedy that consists of applying Strawberry crushed with lemon juice. As it is a remedy that we must constantly apply every day to notice its results, a practical way of doing is divide the prepared in portions that we freeze in an ice bucket. Every day we draw a cube that we rub the face and leave to act for 10 minutes. In addition, the cold of the ulna will help us our skin tone.

7- Cucumber skin refreshment:

Cucumber, which is very rich in water, is very refreshing and also helps us to cleanse and reduce swelling of the face, which is very useful when we wake up with swollen eyelids or face. In addition to put us directly the cucumber slices in the face or the face also we can apply us the inside of your peeling. Instantly, we will notice the freshness.

What fruits and vegetables can directly apply on your skin?

8-  Lemon to cleanse:

The lemon is a great cleaner, ideal for skin with acne or blackheads. A few drops of lemon in a towel will help us clean and disinfect our skin to make it look every day clean and bright.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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