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Benefits of a PEAR a day for health

In addition to its availability and taste, pears have also been valued for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Regular consumption of this delicious fruit gives you a lot of benefits not only for health but also for the skin. Read on to know the benefits of health pear.

Benefits of a PEAR a day for health

1- Reduces the risk of developing some cancers:

An excessive amount of bile acids in the intestine can increase the risk of colorectal cancer, as well as having intestinal problems. The fiber from the pears has a tendency to stay in the bile acid, which helps prevent the risk of colon cancer. In addition, the phytonutrients present in the pears help reduce the risk of gastric cancer. A study carried out at almost 500 thousand people by the National Institute of Health and the American Association of Retired Persons, revealed that the consume pears you can reduce the risk of cancer of the esophagus.

2- It stimulates the digestion and intestinal health:

The fleshy and woodiness of the pear has a very important role to play in human digestion. A single serving of pears gives you 18% of the daily requirement of fiber intake. This fiber, acts as an agent of load in the intestines, making it more easy the passage of foods through these. In addition, it stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and digestive for food to move more soft, in a state more digested. Another of the benefits of the pear in the digestion is to regulate bowel movements and reduce the chances of constipation, as well as diarrhea.

3- Reduces blood pressure:

This fruit is a wonderful source of potassium, which means that the benefits of the pear can have a significant impact on the health of the heart, because potassium is a vasodilator. This means, that in addition to reducing blood pressure, it also reduces the tension, avoiding the formation of blood clots or damage to the entire cardiovascular system. In addition, increases the flow of blood to all parts of the body, attention is given the bodies and promoting its effectiveness.
Blood pressure reduction is also connected to a lower probability of cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.

4- It helps to lose weight:

Many people avoid the consumption of some fruits due to their caloric content, mainly those which are derived from natural sugars. However, pears are one of the fruits low in calories. A pear has on average a little over 100 calories, which is 5% of the daily allowance for a healthy diet. The fiber of this fruit makes you feel full, at the same time that has a low impact on your weight gain and obesity.

Benefits of a PEAR a day for health

5- Undoes hazardous compounds your body:

Like many other fruits, pears contain a large amount of antioxidants that fight various diseases and conditions within the body. Antioxidants work to eliminate the free radicals that accumulate in the body after the cellular metabolism. These free radicals mutate DNA in healthy cells into cancer cells, and can cause a number of other conditions devastating. Therefore, the components antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin A, and flavonoid compounds such as beta-carotene, lutein and Zea-xanthine (which are all in the pears), can help the body get rid of these dangerous compounds.

6- Repairs your tissues (injuries):

The benefits of the pear are also present in the synthesis of new tissue in various organs and cellular structures of the body through the vitamin C. This keeps the metabolism of the body running smoothly and ensures that all functions work correctly.
On the other hand, the wound healing is accelerated with high levels of ascorbic acid; the small bumps, cuts, and damage caused by the injuries and illnesses can be limit faster thanks to the benefits of the currency through their high levels of this essential nutrients to your diet. The repair of damaged blood vessels, is another of the benefits of the pear.

7- Promotes your immune system:

The body's immune system is also driven by the activities of antioxidants and vitamin-C. This vitamin, has been long known to be beneficial for the immune system, as it stimulates the production and activity of white blood cells. Today, thanks to many studies that have been given to know the benefits of the pear, this fruit has been suggested in the diet to eliminate simple conditions such as the common cold, flu, or other mild illnesses.

8- Improve your circulation and the count of red blood cells:

For people who suffer from anemia or mineral deficiencies, the benefits of the pear can be very useful. Thanks to its content of copper and iron, facilitates and improves the absorption of the minerals in the system, and increased levels of iron mean an increase in the synthesis of red blood cells. Iron is an important part of hemoglobin and the anemia is related to iron deficiency.
You can also prevent fatigue, poor cognitive functioning, muscle weakness, and the malfunction of the system of organs through consumption of food rich in iron and copper, which are present in significant amounts in the pears.
Note: The red blood cell count is a blood test that measures your number of red blood cells.

9- Protects your heart:

Pears are an excellent source of dietary fiber and fiber is good for the heart. Studies have shown that fiber may reduce the levels of bad cholesterol by binding to bile salts to then help to expel them from the body. The pears can also reduce the risk of stroke up to 50 percent.

10- Reduces inflammation:

Antioxidant compounds and flavonoids from the pears can also induce anti-inflammatory effects in the body and reduce the pain associated with diseases of inflammation. This includes the reduction of the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatic diseases, gout, and similar conditions.

11- Keeps your bones stronger:

The high mineral content of the pears (magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, calcium and copper), means that you can reduce the loss of bone mineral and debilitating conditions such as osteoporosis and the general weakness of the body due to the lack of support from the bones .

Benefits of a PEAR a day for health

12- Acts positively in your skin, hair and eyes:

One of the vitamins more versatile in the human body is vitamin A. pears are rich in vitamin A and components such as lutein and Zea-xanthine, which act as an antioxidant by reducing the effects of aging on the skin, such as wrinkles and age spots.
This powerful fruit also can reduce the hair loss, macular degeneration, cataracts, and several other conditions associated with the aging process.
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