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Home treatments for ulcerative colitis

When we talk about colitis we are trying to a gastrointestinal complication, which mainly affects the colon, since this is inflamed by different reasons, going from the presence of different bacteria, viruses, fungi, or also by emotional causes, among others. When this condition occurs can be affected other organs that are directly or indirectly related.
The most frequent symptoms that present those who suffer from colitis can be:

Abdominal pain.
Fluid retention.
There are some home treatments that are very effective to improve this condition and, of course, to eliminate the symptoms that occur. Then we can do some very important recommendations to try to avoid the complications that may occur when you are suffering from colitis:

Home treatments for ulcerative colitis

1- A balanced diet:

In this case, the most important recommendation is to try eat as many fresh and natural food with large contributions from fiber, which provides to the body the necessary nutrients without overloading it. in this way, prevents that the digestive system is irritated.
It is important to avoid containing spicy foods, alcohol and excess of coffee.

2- Consume tinctures of mint:

Mint is excellent to help the digestive system to have a better performance, since the salivary glands increase its function, which is very useful in this process. Similarly controls the nervous system.

3- Tea ginger:

The tea or tisane of ginger is highly recommended for those who suffer from colitis, because it helps to eliminate the abdominal distention, diarrhea and pain that can cause this condition.

4- Tisane of barley grass:

The consumption of this herb helps the good functioning of the intestine, it is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that are essential in order to avoid all the symptoms that cause colitis.

Home treatments for ulcerative colitis

5- Home remedies to improve the colitis:

One of the homemade remedies more simple and effective is to mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and two of honey in a glass of water, to take it right before eating the food. It should take three glasses during the day.
Another remedy to combat the colitis is to boil in one cup of water - and for five minutes - a dash of root of marshmallow. Once past the five minutes, let rest and strain. You must take one cup a day for several weeks, it is not the time.
Prepares a milkshake on the basis of an apple, a carrot, a cucumber and a small beetroot with mineral water. Prepares and drinks in the morning and in the afternoon for several weeks.
In half a glass of water to soak for a day for another one or two tablespoons of flax seed, which must be mixed very well and be taken on an empty stomach, preferably.
The rice water is another good option to get rid of the symptoms of colitis. To make this remedy just boil a cup of rice in three of water for twenty minutes. Let it rest and it is strained and then take the water that results from this cooking.
The chamomile tea helps to reduce swelling the colon. It may take several times a day.
An excellent home remedy for colitis is the juice of aloe Vera or aloe Vera, which can be prepared at home or bring that already sell prepared in health food stores. The crystals or the gel from this plant help repair the mucous of the colon and the entire digestive system in general.
For all the people who are prone to developing this disease it is advisable to increase the consumption of apples and papaya, since these fruits contain substances that help to alleviate the colitis.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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