Friday, November 13, 2015

Some healthy lunch ideas

Yes, now you can go with lunchbox everywhere. Whether you do it for yourself, or for each child of the House, here are some healthy ideas for lunch. We know that you want healthy choices and are easy to prepare. So follow our advice and, instead of buying lunch out, take your own lunch and also prepare them to your children.

Some healthy lunch ideas

1- Tomato, Arugula and Bacon sandwich:

Update your routine with this new sandwich that has tomatoes, Arugula and pancetta, a cured Italian Bacon that gets cooking in the oven. You can substitute Bacon cured regular or low fat if you want also. Prepare the mayonnaise mixture and cooking the bacon until a day before.
To avoid hard snacks, you can pack the sandwich bags zip-top with separate ingredients: slices of tomato, Arugula, Pancetta and bread and then assemble the sandwiches just before eating. Toasting the bread before packaging also helps to keep everything fresh.

Some healthy lunch ideas

2- Salad of chicken curry with apples and raisins:

Enjoy this chicken salad with fruit with some crackers or the whole wheat bread to make a sandwich. The sweetness of the apples and raisins the aromatic Curry elevates this salad of chicken to a new level.
Tip: Store leftovers and considered the possibility of incorporating some evening dinner or lunch in the morning, since they can be accompanied by another dish. For example you can eat the leftovers in a sandwich.

Some healthy lunch ideas

3- Fresh tomato soup:

Nothing better and easier to prepare than a hot bowl of tomato soup. Forget the canned tomatoes and prepares this homemade soup with fresh vegetables. Buy seasonal produce is smart in many levels: products are at their optimum level in his season, and are generally less expensive.
To make the soup even more complete can add you other vegetables: onion, parsley or basil, etc. You can also take a yogurt for dessert.

Some healthy lunch ideas

4- Italian chicken pitas:

A clever trick to this spicy sandwich is to use the tomatoes Sun-dried to prepare vinaigrette with olive oil. Best also to repair the filling of chicken with anticipation and packed separately and fill the agaves just before eating. Fresh and whole vegetables is the best choice for our nutrition.
Change the products packaged by vegetables and seasonal fruits, will allow you to enjoy different flavors in addition to the nutritional variety that we offer. Remember that the options change naturally throughout the year: apples, grapes or slices of mango offer a great source of fiber, keeping the feeling of satiety for longer.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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