Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tips to quit smoking

Smoking is one of the most damaging addictions that exists today. Each year, millions of people die around the world, while many more suffer from severe diseases because of this problem. Although quitting smoking is something very difficult that requires time, patience and commitment, then you give some advice to quit smoking.
Remember that this is not easy, although it is some people much easier than other. Anyway, more importantly have a desire to quit and you commit fully to achieve this. If this is the case, perhaps you will need help of a specialist, your family and friends. But worth a try for the benefit of your health. Many people have already and several are in the process of doing so.

Tips to quit smoking

1- Elaborated a plan of action:

If you decide to quit smoking, it is very important that, rather than nothing, you develop a plan to try to gradually reduce your consumption and, ultimately, stop smoking completely. For example, removing ashtrays you have in your House or car, and even at your place of work, and put in place cookies or candies. Also, carries out activities that keep you entertained and that, above all, take your hands: you can play on the computer, knit or do crossword puzzles.
If you took coffee and this encouraged you to quit, replaced this drink with another like tea or water. Also, after eating get some different activity as walking, listening to music, talking with someone or distract in any other thing that do not you think about smoking.

2- Change your lifestyle:

Many times, smoking is the result of habits and attitudes that promote tobacco use. Therefore, good advice is to change your habits and lifestyle as schedules. For example, eat at different times and even sit on another site or rest in a different room. Similarly, consumes chewing sugar-free gum.
Another excellent option is to go to public places or restaurants where smoking prohibited. Carries out activities to keep entertaining and, above all, get exercise. Exercise is very good, since it inhibits the urge to smoke. Also, ask your friends to help and not to encourage smoking. You can even make a plan if others of his friends also want to quit smoking.

3- Set goals:

In addition to the above, it is very important to set goals to know what progress you have had regarding your final objective, which is to quit smoking. If you do not set goals it will be very difficult to determine how much has advanced and, above all, do not you will notice what you have achieved with your effort. For example, every day can Ponte as goal no smoking and place the money you normally spend on cigarettes in a jar.
In this way you will have a visual reference that will help you to continue with your mission. On the other hand, stop thinking about smoking is essential. To do so, join a group that conducts activities that you move away from the cigarette. You can take language, cooking, painting classes or learning to play a musical instrument. Also, look for people who have already quit smoking. This will help you to know the experience of other people and take advice from them.

Tips to quit smoking

4- Attend support groups:

Currently, there are many support groups for people who want to quit smoking. Both private and public institutions can help in this regard. If you know other people who have gone to one of these sites, ask for more information and even ask them about their experience. Remember that your family and friends are also very important. In them you can find a support to quit smoking.
Of course, don't forget to visit your health care provider before starting a treatment. It is extremely important to check that your state of health is good and that do not suffer illness or complication caused by smoking. If so, you should follow your doctor's recommendation. Don't forget that your health is the most important thing. There are even now drugs of natural origin that will be less offensive to you and which will give you very good results.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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