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Spices that cannot be missing in the kitchen

All of them serve to highlight the flavors, textures, aromas and colors of the dishes you prepare on a daily basis. Therefore, don't miss this list of spices that you should observe without fail in your kitchen.

Spices that cannot be missing in the kitchen

1- Saffron:

40 kg of rose of Saffron are required to obtain half kg of this wonderful spice. It is cultivated in Iran, France, Italy and the Iberian Peninsula. It has a strong, well exotic aroma and a characteristic color. You can use it in paellas and risottos, also to rice, chicken or fish. Saffron is very rich in vitamin B2.

 2- Vanilla:

To give your desserts sweet taste. The plant from which it comes (Mexican) is an orchid, whose fruit is taken off a pod, which dries and can buy this spice. You also get extracts for cakes, chocolates, fruit or masses. It is considered the best fragrance in the world and at the same time, it offers a soothing effect on the nervous system.

 3- Cardamom:

The third species more expensive in the world and comes from a green Berry which are extracted the seeds that are then ground. You can use it for desserts, breads, rice or flavored coffee or tea. It is widely used in Arab countries and in the India. It has an aroma, lemon and piquant.

 4- Pepper:

The most commonly used spice, arising from a climbing plant with berries such as fruits. When dry (not yet mature), become so well known black pepper corns. In the case of the white, the beans are ripe and dry. As for the Green, berries are preserved in brine. Pepper has its origin in India, but also harvest in Brazil, Malaysia, or Indonesia. You can use it for savory dishes, as well as sweets.

5- Cinnamon:

China and India share its production and it comes from the homonyms tree bark. You can get it as a branch or ground. Used to fish, ham, chicken and is the Spice par excellence of rice pudding to Cappuccino. It is ideal for desserts with milk or cream. Cold, you can drink a measure of rum with cinnamon.

Spices that cannot be missing in the kitchen

 6- Anise:

It has a granulated form and its origin is Egyptian, but now also grown in America, Europe or India. Anise seeds are used for cakes and for preparing spirits such as the Bulgarian mastika or Greek ouzo. It has a very strong, somewhat spicy, sweet taste. Anise oil is good for indigestion.

 7- Clove:

It comes from the dried buds of flowers clavero, condiment par excellence in oriental cuisine. Its beginnings are Indonesia, it has a sweet taste and it is very aromatic. You can use beans or ground for vegetables, fruits, pastries, pasta, wines and marinated. To relieve respiratory disorders, in India they use the clove.

 8- Curry:

It is present in the majority of Eastern dishes, particularly in the India and South-East Asia. It is a blend of up to 20 different spices powder, including: pepper, ginger, cumin, coriander, clove, cinnamon and turmeric. Madras curry is the strongest of all.

 9- Turmeric:

Although its origin is Asian, nowadays is grown in Latin America and is the root of a plant that is boiled, dried and ground. It is a great coloring and main condiment of Worcestershire sauce, can replace the Saffron in sauces, rice, soups, and vegetables.

 10- Cumin:

It is typical in Arabic and also Mediterranean meal, used for seasoning meats, cheeses and dishes such as hummus, couscous, or the baba ganoush. It has a very penetrating flavor, as well as its aroma. It is recommended to use sparingly because it can be a bit spicy.

 11- Nutmeg:

It is the seed of a tree that grows in the Indonesia Islands. Its flavor is citrus, being ideal for sauces, creams, or masses, as well as to perfume cakes, fish, meats and for carrying milk. Buy whole and grate directly in preparation is recommended.

Spices that cannot be missing in the kitchen

 12- Sweet pepper:

Spice for Octopus Galician style, one of the most traditional of Spain and also in Hungary. It comes from the dried and crushed red pepper. Used ground and its taste is sweet but slightly spicy. You can use it for vegetables, meat or rice.

 13- Paprika:

It is typical in similar to sweet pepper , Hungarian food. There are two varieties: spicy or sweet. It is the species that is used for the goulash (beef), rice, sauces, marinades, soups, and salads.

 14- Ginger:

 It is of Asian origin, but is also cultivated in the Caribbean, Africa and India. The fresh or dried root is used for oriental meals (mostly in China) meats, pickles, sauces or vegetables. In England he used it for pies and puddings. In infusion, it is good for sore throat.

15- Licorice:

Its name means "sweet root" and is grown mainly in Italy, being its Chinese origin. Used for spirits and beer and its taste is sweet, bitter so it mixes in syrups to deter their ingredients. Its dried root or black extract is used to alleviate cold or sore throat.

16- Chili powder:

 It is a spice widely used in Mexico and the United States and in fact is a mixture of several components. It gets good spicy (for the tacos, for example) or there are softer varieties. It is basically prepared with ground pepper, garlic, cumin, oregano and salt.

17- Oregano:

One of the most popular, especially in Italy. Its bitter taste is ideal for sauces or marinating meats and chickens. It is one of the first spices you have in the kitchen, by its multiple uses.

Spices that cannot be missing in the kitchen

18- Laurel:

In fact, the dried leaves of this plant, that are dark green, with strong aroma are used. It is one of the most used in dishes such as sauces, paellas, fish soups, seafood, legumes and vegetables.
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