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3 Remedies with herbs to combat hair loss

All suffer from hair loss. Either by topics of stress or metabolic changes, there are times when we worry about our hair a little less thick. What can we do? Good nutrition is always basic, where missing minerals such as iron or zinc. In addition, these herbal remedies can do much for you. Would not abandon them!

3 Remedies with herbs to combat hair loss

The best herbal remedies to combat hair loss:

Sometimes we suffer from a lack of iron, for example. Frequent cause for which we suffer that classic hair loss. Other times it is due to changes in the metabolism, or diseases such as hypothyroidism, without ignoring that the hereditary factor and even the passage of time, those who are likely to place barriers in order to be able to maintain a thick and beautiful hair. Everything must be taken into account.
But do they really help us these herbal remedies? Obviously we have to consider them as plug-ins, as remedies that can help, but they are not going to do in all that the hair grows so abundant. What they do is to stimulate and nourish the hair follicles for example. They are treated and repaired, hence its benefit and aid. Definitely worth trying. Let us take note then.

1. Lotion of rosemary and nettle:

Simply fabulous. A remedy classic already being followed in antiquity to mitigate for example the calvice in men, since the root of nettle what makes first and foremost is to block the production of the hormone DHT which is responsible for baldness in men. And how do we this lotion? Very easy. We have no more than take a root of nettle and two sprigs of rosemary to boil them with two glasses of water. Once they have taken their infusion, let it cool down. Then apply the lotion on your wet hair to make a massage and cover then with lukewarm water.

2. Remedy with a pony tail and geranium:

Surprised by this combination? It is very appropriate. Its effectiveness is based first and foremost on horsetail contains cysteine, selenium and silica, elements that strengthen the hair and that promote their growth. If we combine it with geranium we draw even more follicles that hair comes out again. To do this you don't have more than take a liter of boiling water, and put 7 teaspoons of horsetail and five leaves of your Geraniums. Very easy. Let sit and you then, apply it on damp hair. Get a vigorous massage and rinses do not you. Do not use hairdryer. It allows to dry in the open air. If you do it 3 times a week, you'll see the results.

3 Remedies with herbs to combat hair loss

3. Lotion of apple vinegar and tea of sage:

A third remedy that you must test. It is known that apple cider vinegar contains sulfur, an essential element for the health of the hair. If combined with sage we can nourish all the scalp to stimulate hair growth and care for it at the same time. You have no more to make an infusion of sage, two glasses per three spoonfuls of this medicinal plant. Once you reach boiling leave to rest and introduces half cup of apple cider vinegar. Once again, we have a massage with this lotion with damp hair and then, we we rinsed with warm water, then wash with our shampoo usual. AND quiet, we will smell of vinegar, on the contrary, your hair will shine and will be very beautiful. Don't try?
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