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The importance of breathing

Three basic elements are needed to preserve the physical body: water, air and food.
The vital character of the breath is given by the following fact: we can live for weeks without solid food; no liquid for days, but a few minutes without oxygen is enough to make us lose life.
Such the basic importance of breathing. All processes of life are related to processes of oxidation and reduction.Every cell of our body depends on the blood for their supply of oxygen. The amount of oxygen in the blood flowing through the arteries, determines the vitality and health of those cells, since these conditions depend on the supply of oxygen through the blood. If breathing is defective, is oxygenated well not blood. The breathing process, on the other hand, also stimulates electrical each cell processes.

The importance of breathing

1- Know the importance of the respiration:

For a better study of the breathing, and taking into account that certain individuals is dominated by one or the other, we can classify four forms of breathing:

(1) Clavicular: it is made by the upper part of the lungs. Due to the pyramidal shape of the pulmonary sacks, this is the type of breathing less amount of oxygen provided to the Agency.
(2) Story: it is the one made by the middle part of the lungs at rib level. It is rare that this type of breathing occurs alone, being always accompanied by clavicular or abdominal breathing.
(3) Abdominal: held in the lower part of the lungs, and allows greater income of oxygen than the previous due also to the pyramidal shape of the pulmonary sacks.
(4) Complete breathing: is produced by the total filling of the lungs, including the lower, middle and higher of them. This is done slowly, and without forcing the lung capacity.
Conscious breathing offers us the opportunity to expand our field of control over the physical and emotional body. With a set of simple breathing techniques and a predisposition to make our practices on a regular basis we can develop both mental and aerobic level. The process to which I'm referring is the self-perception and self-knowledge. It is also important to note that a controlled breathing can benefit us both preventive and curative levels.

Conscious breathing techniques:

Yogi breathing: Yogi full breathing combines all the advantages of breathing high, medium and low.
It brings into play the entire respiratory apparatus, each part of the lungs, each air cell and each respiratory muscle.
Throughout the breathing body is due to this method of breathing and the largest amount of benefit is obtained with less energy consumption The capacity of the breast reaches its normal limits and each part of the mechanism performs its functions and natural work.
One of the features most important of this method of breathing is respiratory muscles to come into full play, while part of these muscles is only used in other methods of breathing.
Full breath between other muscles work in actively governing the ribs.
and thus increases the space in which the lungs can expand, and offer convenient point of support to the bodies when they need it, this method relies on the nature of the mechanical principle of the lever. Certain muscles maintain bottom ribs firmly in position, while others curve towards the outside.
Breathing Re birthing or Renaissance: the proposal of the Re birthing is the of relearn to breathe, fusing inspiration with exhalation in a circle without interruption, so breathing is connected and sits like a broken circle of power. This type of breathing is possible through your nose, whenever possible, either of the mouth and its objective, is not only the movement of air sinus and first and foremost the power stroke.

The importance of breathing

breathing Pranayama, or breath of fire:

Pranayama is a word derived from the Sanskrit Prana (pra = first unit, na = power) and Yama: (control and extend, manifestation or expansion). Pranayama is a technique or practice of Yoga that teaches us to control our breathing to heal our body and our mind balance.
This text is focused to highlight the importance of breath control and make more aware of their beneficial potential readers.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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