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The advantages of eating accompanied

Especially at noon, a typical postcard in the center of the city is to see people eating alone, without more company than a mobile phone or a music player. Perhaps a book or a magazine. However, did you know that that does good to the mental and physical health? The opposite occurs if you share your lunch time with office colleagues or friends. Find out what are the advantages of eating accompanied in the following article.
Unfortunately, individualism is increasing and that is daily, in addition to the frenetic pace of life, which does not allow us to stop a few minutes to enjoy a delicious meal with someone else. Not only during the day, for dinner, it is equal. Television is the only one that seems to have permission to speak on the table. Studies indicate that that is very harmful to health.

The advantages of eating accompanied

1- Nothing like a shared table:

Between your childhood memories, surely you have some pictures of birthday or family gatherings where they were present parents, uncles, cousins, grandparents and brothers... It is to reunite with loved ones to eat can raise the self-esteem of any. Eating is more than the Act of nurture, because it creates links and is synonymous with celebration.
Human beings are the only ones with the ability to think about what we eat and also to express our feelings as we are enjoying any dish. Would then missed this wonderful opportunity that has been given to us? Serve a meal for your family already is a whole ceremony, especially if the holders do not live with you. Remove showcase the most beautiful dishes, prepare trays, decorate the dishes...
The current reality is far from being perfect, because of the pace at which we have been and how little that we stop to enjoy the simple things in life, as it is a lunch or a dinner with the couple, parents or children. Increasingly less shared the table and when it is done, the television is turned on. At the same time, many (especially older) persons living alone.
Individualism is the trend in the West, something that does not pass in the East, where eating alone is synonymous with misery and sorrow. It is true that the culture has much to do in this, but it is proven that when someone becomes a widower or separates, food becomes a strictly biological thing, without enjoyment.
Cooking for oneself is less rewarding to do it for a full table. For this reason, increasingly sold more meals to warm up in the microwave. Many people think for me I try to cook if I am alone? So as we stop eating fruits and vegetables, we filled the frozen refrigerator and the cupboards of frozen. By cooking not only laziness is present in young people who spend all day working outside, but also retirees who stay at home 24 hours.

2- The benefits of eating accompanied:

Not only in the family, but also with a colleague from the office. Eating with someone makes to let that time in another way, that becomes an interesting experience that we can exchange views and to "try to change the world" with crazy ideas. Although there is talk of banal things such as weather, a recipe from kitchen or a football match, that communication during lunch or dinner is good for our health. Other advantages of eat with are:

The advantages of eating accompanied

It encourages a healthier diet:

As I said before, there are more chances to prepare an elaborate dish if we are with someone to share that if will eat alone. People have better eating habits if they dine in family, especially when there are small, because adults want to give the example by consuming vegetables, for example.

It prevents weight gain:

Precisely in relation to the previous item, left side meals, pre-cooked, frozen or fast, full of fat, sugars and ingredients harmful to our health. It encourages the habit of eating healthier and blending foods.

It instills good manners:

There is nothing more characteristic of a family than a table with parents and children talking and enjoying the dishes prepared in the way home. Kids imitate everything what they see and it is likely that as they grow, is that what they want for their children. Good manners at the table, the traditions of their parents and grandparents, how to present a table or use cutlery are best learned. Not only that, but that it encourages communication between loved ones.

The verbal contact develops:

Coexistence depends on what is said in the table indicate the psychologists. And it is completely true. Sharing a dinner in family is you can talk about projects, dreams, day to day and from problems (although many prefer to leave this issue for later). Children and adults learn to listen and tell ideas or opinions. Then a family dinner will promote harmony, recover the time lost by other activities (work, school, etc) and returns more sociable to all members.

The advantages of eating accompanied

The chances of suffering from depression are reduced:

Eat in family or office colleagues prevents depressive behaviors at any age. For example, young people who eat with their parents and siblings are less likely to fall into drugs or food such as anorexia or bulimia disorders.
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