Friday, November 13, 2015

3 tasty recipes with spinach

Undoubtedly, this plant offers us many nutrients, but some do not wish to consume it by its somewhat bitter flavor. To avoid this, take a look at our 3 tasty recipes with spinach.

1- Spinach ravioli:

To prepare this recipe we will need:

3 tasty recipes with spinach

For the dough:

750 grams of flour
3 tablespoons of olive oil
5 eggs
10 tablespoons of water

For the filling:

300 grams of ricotta cheese
150 grams of spinach
1 egg
1 teaspoon nutmeg
50 grams of Parmesan cheese
salt and pepper

For the sauce:

100 grams of butter
50 cc of milk cream
3 tablespoons fresh basil
50 grams of nuts

Make a "Crown" with flour and in the Center, place eggs, water and oil. Knead until it is a bun, let stand for half an hour. Mix spinach previously cooked with ricotta cheese, egg, seasonings and Parmesan cheese. Roll out the dough and spread filling, covering with another mass and cutting ravioli. Sauce: Saute with Basil butter, add the cream and then the walnuts. Cook the ravioli and add to the sauce.

3 tasty recipes with spinach

2- Tartlet of spinach and egg:

A classic within the recipes of spinach.

The ingredients are:

3 packages of spinach
150 grams of cheese semi firm
100 grams of ricotta cheese
5 eggs
2 tablespoons cream cheese
50 grams of butter
nutmeg, salt and pepper
4 sheets Phylo dough or breaded

Cook spinach, chop and mix with 1 egg, cheese and Walnut mozcada, salt, pepper and ricotta. Melt butter, allow to cool and brush the masses. Form small cakes, to be filled with spinach in the Center. Close the dough and bake. When it is ready, break an egg into the Center and replace in oven until it is cooked.

3 tasty recipes with spinach

3- Sole with spinach cream:

The ingredients for this recipe, you'll need are:
4 fillets of sole
500 cc of soup (vegetables preferably)

For the cream:

tied 3 spinach
salt, pepper and nutmeg
100 cc of milk cream

For lining:

50 grams of butter
250 grams of green onion
3 tablespoons honey
salt and pepper

Cut the steaks to medium, season, roll and fasten with a stick. Immerse in a pan with the boiling stock, allow 3 minutes. Book. Blanch the onions with water and salt to boiling. Saute with butter and honey for 5 minutes. Separately, Cook the spinach and blend. Place the cream in the fire, when it boils, add the spinach. Mix, add salt and pepper and season with nutmeg. Let stand 5 minutes. Serve the rolls of sole (2 per dish) and pour over cream and scallion lining.
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