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Lump in the armpit: when should I worry?

It is very common. Find us a lump in the armpit is something that everyone has happened on occasion and that should not cause you a disproportionate alarm. You will learn what is and what measures you should take in the moment in which you detect it.

Lump in the armpit: when should I worry?

1- What is the appearance of a lump in the armpit?

80% of the cases is something normal and harmless that should not worry. The first thing you should do at the moment in which you detect it is not scare you and think that likely is to be due to a boil. And what is a boil? You might wonder. Then we give some basic instructions so you understand it:

First cause of a lump in the armpit: the boil:

The most common cause of the formation of a lump in the armpit is the Staphylococcus aureus. It is a simple follicle inflamed, what is commonly known as a "hobo". It is somewhat painful that scares at the time that we detect. Is due to an infection of the thyroid gland producing sweat, produced almost always by a hair spurs. There is an infection, the sweat cannot exit and begin to accumulate bacteria in a way very striking. It is painful and causes packages more or less large.
Although it is something innocuous can become very annoying. Sometimes being alone, but there are people to whom they encyst in a way more serious need then a proper treatment. Normal is that our physician prescribe antibiotics against Staphylococcus aureus. But if this is not resolved, then we will need a minor operation to remove is cyst.
What can we do to prevent these cysts or boils in the armpits? The truth is that there are people more designed than others, and if you had come out in any occasion, you can probably return to reappear. Usually sold a type of/antiseptic creams that prevent its emergence, but it is best to overdo a lot your depilation. It is precisely when we remove unwanted hair and when the hair starts to grow again, this time in which there is a danger that the hair be trapped and cause a boil. Try to wash your usually the underarm area by making a small peeling for that the pore is open and the hairs grow in normal mode. Also, try to not use deodorant too aggressive or with many chemicals, because you can also damage this sensitive area.
But normally, this is the most common cause of an occurrence of a lump in the armpit.

Lump in the armpit: when should I worry?

Second reason: swollen glands:

Also shouldn't alarmed. An inflammation of a lymph node is what is known as a lymphadenitis. As you know in the armpit are also distributed large amount of lymph vessels, and through them, it mobilizes the lymph through the bloodstream, debugging, and filtered out. Struggling to fight infections.
But sometimes, when we are a bit weaker or when attacking us some kind of virus, our lymph may become inflamed and swell. Hence this lump in the armpit. Lymphadenitis may occur especially after skin infections or other infections caused by bacteria. But then what happens when we are told we have a swollen node? Well, the first thing that will make our doctor is to perform a short analysis of this lymph fluid to determine the cause of the inflammation and inquire about the type of bacteria that has caused. This is done with a puncture in the own lump in the armpit. We administer anesthesia in the area and the puncture is not just painful.
When we give the results we will know where this is inflammation and that treatment we will have to continue to resolve the problem in our lymphatic system.

Third cause: lymphoma:

It is a possibility. When you get a lump in the armpit is a small possibility that it may be a swollen node, and that the inflammation originates a lymphoma. Within the lymphomas are the "non-Hodgkin 'S Lymphoma" and "type lymphoma Lymphoma". It is a type of cancer, but quiet. Is treatment and treatments are always very effective. The survival of the non-Hodgkin 'S Lymphoma is 90% and the lymphoma Lymphoma of the 70 %. This type of lymphoma have their origin in a type of white blood cells called B lymphocytes or B cells, and in this way we shall also provide that type of disease is that we suffer.
It is a cancer that requires several sessions of chemotherapy, but as you know the case of each person is unique and not all require the same number of sessions and can recover much before. Today there are many advances in the science and we see the word cancer as a synonym for hope, as a disease that requires personal effort, mood and much support from family and friends. It can be overcome.

Lump in the armpit: when should I worry?

2- How to know if my lump in the armpit is due to a boil or a lymphoma?

The first thing is to keep calm and not startle. Whenever we detected a lump in the armpit we must put it in evidence of our health care provider as soon as possible. Usually the lymphomas are associated to a few tenths of fever, sleep problems and to much sweating during the night, in addition to weight loss.
But sometimes also processed without too many symptoms, so it's best to leave doubts, is to go to the doctor. And don't worry, the majority of cases are due to a simple cyst caused by a boil.
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