Wednesday, November 18, 2015

10 ways to use the Banana Peel

Banana or banana is a fruit that is full of vitamins and minerals, and most importantly, very tasty. But if you want to take the most advantage of banana peel, you despise not the skin, use it for these purposes and more.

10 ways to use the Banana Peel

1- You know the uses of banana peel:

Splinter removal: Similar to the removal of warts, put a piece of shell on the sliver with tape. Enzymes help to dislodge the sliver and heal the wound.
Gives the shoes shine: uses the shell to your nice and shiny shoes.
Stop the itching: banana peels can help to relieve poison ivy and insect bites. Will not remove the oils that cause itching but will soothe the bite or rash completely

2- The shells of banana as medicine:

The banana peel is an analgesic: banana peel oil helps to relieve the pain of burns and scratches.
Wart removal: pasted a piece of banana in a wart Peel. Repeat every night until the wart is dry.
Give a sparkle to your indoor plants: as the shells can be cleaned shoes, can also be used to make plant leaves shine.

3- Uses of banana peels in the garden:

The banana peel helps your garden grow: plantains are naturally high in potassium and stimulates the growth of plants. Use Peel plantain or made whole banana puree and buried with soil.
Compost with shells of banana: banana shells decompose very rapidly and add wonderful nutrients to the soil or earth. Put them in your compost home if it's that you're making your compost, just cut them into small pieces and decompose more easily.
Posts in the banana peel: leave a message for your child in the banana peel lu scraping the letters with a toothpick, the skin is warm and there will be a message of dark brown color for your baby at lunch. Procurement is motivating.
Removes chips: banana peels help remove chips away from the skin. Place a splinter-stick taped banana peel for a time and then try to remove the sliver.

10 ways to use the Banana Peel

4- Beauty and care:

Against acne: cover the pimple with the skin of the banana peel inside, and let stand until the skin of the banana becomes Brown.
Hemorrhoid: place the inside of banana on the head shell and leaves during the night. Repeat until the symptoms disappear completely.
Anti - Wrinkle: with the inside of the banana skin moisten the eye area. Banana feeds, tightens the skin, makes it softer and helps to reduce the small wrinkles.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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