Monday, November 23, 2015

5 reasons why you should start doing yoga

The word yoga means "join" or "meet" in Sanskrit. Yoga comes from the India. Its origins come from a remote epoch of Indo-European civilization. One of the treaties of yoga (the yoga sutras of Patanjali) is dated approximately 500 years before Jesus, is a treatise of Raja Yoga. The yoga of the Hindu schools of North step then to Tibet where he flourished a very important school. Mental yoga techniques were exported later in china, to Japan (Zen school) and in the far East thanks to the Buddhist monks who used them extensively.
Yoga includes many branches which contribute to the complete development of our different facets: physical, psycho-physical, mental and spiritual. Also can help us to find balance and well-being and unity of body and soul. This can range from a simple relaxation to the spiritual search or "meditation".
Born of Hinduism the different Yogas are not linked to a religion. The believer as the atheist can practice the methods of yoga without the need to impose principles in disagreement to their religious convictions.

5 reasons why you should start doing yoga

1- Meet the 5 reasons why you should start doing Yoga:

Rather than being a fashion, yoga is a very beneficial for all ages and abilities. Yoga health benefits are exponential, and many of those who practice it are much happier as a result of its practice. With all the great press that yoga has received as a panacea for optimal well-being and health, it is surprising that there are still many people who still has not tried yoga for the first time, or they don't practice in a way regular.
If you've never practiced yoga, or if it's been a while since you have taken a class of yoga, the following reasons for which you should do yoga, you can inspire to make it a priority.

2- You are going to gain inner peace and satisfaction:

This could be an overachiever, but peace and joy are two fundamental qualities that are needed in the performance of complex tasks. Without them, everyday tasks become complex. All types of yoga will make you feel calm, cool, and collected. Most importantly, when you are at peace with yourself, in addition to experiencing greater success, you will experience greater happiness.

5 reasons why you should start doing yoga

3- Your body will feel better:

After practicing yoga for several weeks or months, it is very likely that you can say goodbye to physical stiffness. If it takes a couple of hours to begin to move in the morning because her body is incredibly tight, go to yoga a few times a week will cause you to see a great improvement in the way in which you Yes.

4- Your body looks better:

This is really an idea at the last moment compared with the psychological benefits of yoga, but it is an attractive side effect. Arms, sculpted legs and toned buttocks, everything can be yours if you do your practice of yoga as a part of your daily routine.

5- It promotes compassion for yourself and for others:

To practice yoga, you're aware that you are caring for your mind and body, because when you take care of yourself, you have more energy to give to others. Yoga has a form that invites us to look at the big life picture and we do not take ourselves too seriously the trivia. When we get rid doctrinally our own foolishness, obsessions or difficulties, we can clearly see how others may be suffering. This compassion leads to a genuine desire to provide nothing less than the loving kindness.

5 reasons why you should start doing yoga

6- You'll have a better understanding of the body:

A sense your body sharp, has a lot of benefits. To begin with, it will be less likely to eat too much, you'll know exactly which foods can better serve your body, you shall respect your body's need to rest more or do more exercise, and you will experience more pleasure during relationships.
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