Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rules and recommendations to not get stressed out

Until recently, the word stress was not known at the vocabulary collective, however, is increasingly present in our lives. All is due to the pace that we have been, to the frantic that are our days, the burden of obligations and responsibilities. It is a proven fact that the excess of stress causes many physical and mental problems, by which, in order to avoid them, take a look at the following rules and recommendations not to strain.

Rules and recommendations to not get stressed out

1- If it has no solution, what you worry?

This snippet of an Arabic proverb is quite related to stress. If you get nervous or you despair a particular situation, it is more likely that you're suffering the consequences. Then, instead of exasperate and raise the levels of stress, you can remember that not everything is within your reach. Some of these episodes are the ones that cause you stress:

Emails without response:

We send an e-mail to our chief or to a client. Time passes and did not receive your response. We pressed again and again, the F5 key to refresh the page, causing yet more anxiety. Remember then that your times are not the times of the other. Be calm and wait for at least two hours before you get nervous, for more than that is too important an issue.

The traffic jams:

Happens each and every day of our lives, especially if you live in a large city. Traffic is one of the reasons people come to work under stress. The minutes are and you know that you'll later, tea teaser view the traffic lights with a red light, the horns and insults. The evil humor won't help you in anything, by which either takes to listen to a little music or you might want out of the house a little earlier.

The lack of money:

The stress and the money are inversely proportional. This means that the less money you have, the more stress you will suffer. Don't confuse concern with anguish nor with despair, as this not allow you to think clearly and find solutions to the problem, that sure will be more simple than you can imagine. This is focusing on the things that are worthwhile and which do not require expenditure, such as a walk in the park or play with your children.

Rules and recommendations to not get stressed out

Colleagues and heads:

In all jobs there are people that can irritate up to the person more calm of the world. Sure that you will not fall into grace all your classmates, but that also cause stress. It is not necessary to be friend of all, just getting to a peaceful coexistence. Perhaps your prejudices toward that person are ill-informed, you can get to talk and see what happens. The labor climate is very important to eliminate the stress.

The reviews:

In the days prior to to sit an examination in any academic level, it is the cause of stress, of that there is no doubt. The same can apply to the presentations at meetings or reports that you must learn before you see a customer. You think that you will not be able to circumvent this obstacle. To avoid feeling so overwhelmed (although the nerves never go entirely), seeks to begin to prepare yourself with greater anticipation. Weapon a plan for every day where determines the hours of study, but don't get locked up with a mountain of books, salt to breathe a little fresh air also to clear the mind.

The gifts of Christmas:

OR also of birthday or a wedding. But above all, the stress appears when many people are doing the same thing that your in a shopping center, for example. The shops are crowded with buyers compulsive and for nothing to respect others. Then, it is a good idea to begin organizing the gifts in advance, that is to say, a month before, when it has not yet begun the Christmas fever. And the good news is that until you can save money. If you can't think what to give to someone, get some clue in other family members or close friends.

Have guests at home:

While many people love getting people to eat, there are others who suffer too much. The hours prior to the arrival of the visitors, especially if they are important people such as the in-laws, generates a stir such in your mind that you can't organize or avoid this is too much pressure. Clean, tidy, grocery shopping, food preparation, have everything you need for dessert, coffee, etc. do not think that the invited van to your home only to eat or to look if my brethren somewhat messy. Clean enough but not exhaustive. You will be an excellent host also. Remember that fun of wonders will depend on your mood or your attention, not the amount of dishes that you've cooked or the sparkling that is the room.

Rules and recommendations to not get stressed out

2- Tips to not get stressed out:

Removes the obligations that are unnecessary
Not a places things for tomorrow
It is orderly and organized
Don't want always control everything
Avoid doing many things at the same time
Simplifies the style of your life
You don't have scheduled every minute of your day
Do things slower
Enjoy the small joys
Stop worrying about the job when you get home
Exercise or walk
Eat in a healthy manner
Simplifies the amount of pending tasks
Prevents the sites very loaded as the desktop or in the home
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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