Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to stop smoking without suffering it

Smoking is the main vascular and cardiac diseases preventable risk factor. Smoking also harms thousands of non-smokers, including infants and children, who are exposed to smoke as passive smoking.
If you smoke, you have a good reason to worry about the effect that this habit has on their health, their loved ones and others. You could become one of the 443,000 deaths annually related to cigarette. When you stop smoking, reduces the risk enormously!

How to stop smoking without suffering it

1- Why should I stop smoking?

Save money.
Taste and smell more.
Better breathing.
Have fewer colds and less cough.
Feel more energy.
Prevent lung cancer and other cancers.
Prevent heart diseases.
Develop a discipline.
Balanced mind.
Having the day of 1:30 hours available for other tasks.
Clean the skin, the skin and improve the breath.
Have more saliva.
Sleep better.
Detoxify the body.
Do not make passive smoking to your surroundings.

How to stop smoking without suffering it

2- Symptoms to quitting outright or markedly decreasing the dose:

-Dizziness. -Depression. -Feelings of frustration and anger. -Irritability. -Sleep problems. -Difficulties concentrating. -Concern. -Headaches. -Fatigue. -Increased appetite.
Now I share my experience to stop this addictive behavior:
First of all I will talk about them change their lives, not just non-smoking.
In my years of experience as a compulsive, stubborn and somewhat cyclothymic smoker I have discovered that the processes that made me smoking were only two:
First: The desire to do so, that is the principal.
Second: Do it routinely.
So: how to stop smoking? Someone once told me something key, don't you think that you smoked already enough? and then, a great friend, reminded me (after my 2 weeks of effort and abstinence): "you have not stopped it and never leave it, you have to leave it every day..." It could perhaps have me angry with him for having ruined my mental balance, because I felt that he no longer needed it, but no, instead I thanked him for it is, as it must not be so to leave the cigarette to repress the desire nor suffering from withdrawal.
For this reason, I have discovered that the question is simpler, the effort is only OK a change "Accept a change" seems to be just a string of words, but in experience is and can last a lifetime if not you can take it to the application live. But this is prior to stopping smoking, because only in this way will be done the right way and instead of opposing force before Vice, will banish what is causing it.
To do this simply understand what has been the mobile that has made us smoking. THE ANXIETY. There is the secret of our compulsive behavior to the cigarette. Many identify nicotine as the cause of addiction, but in truth this is not the case, I do not consider it so, (and I fully understand what causes nicotine) but that in fact we have become addicted to a way of life as smokers. (Would the issue seems to be being logical, no?)
The first thing that you must understand, is that anxiety is being transformed into a calm not by smoking, but by the mechanism that we have created to psycho-physical level when we build into our thinking behavior of smokers. I mean, let's go, our lack of anxiety when smoking is not the cigarette we are whistling, but our "State of being" (that which we have generated in our brain process to send chemical-producing us States d calm and pleasure)
At the time of remove the cigarette from our lives (with the process of acceptance that we decided to change our way of life, already assimilated) will this state of peace of mind take more force, is established from elsewhere, this will happen because we understood that single cigarette is a symbol of that peace of mind, but who doesn't do it, and to remove it from our routine that State of mind that we have been experiencing for years already belongs to us, and you will find in our desire to start a new life in enhanced mode.
In hundreds or thousands of cases of people who quit, including me, tranquility and emotional balance that is achieved after deviating from the cigarette, and a few hours even, is invaluable for our mental health as well as to strengthen our will.
The preparation is simple. In three stages which are classified thus:
-Accept a change of life. (To apply what you already know) -Modify all the habits associated with the time of smoking. (Music listened to, places where smoked, sensations that fed with thoughts that are clearly identifiable, behaviors, tasks, attitudes, etc) -Create a new mental map with feelings learned without the cigarette, this process is very important, because with this we'll be decoding our orders, for the new me we have created to have other new thoughts. Thinking is behavior, when is it renewed from both places, thinking and behavior are results to forge a new identity for the State of being.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.