Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How do you clarify or remove dark circles?

Our body is specialist in reflect our State of physical and emotional, especially the face, since as sensitive as easily pick up any excess or lack of care; This leads us to speak of dark circles, which sometimes may be inflamed, with a tone of brown or green, indicating that something bad is happening, even if they occur - usually - due to the lack of sleep or stress and worries. Also it can attributed to dehydration, fluid retention, blood stagnation, hormonal changes, among others.

1- Home treatments to eliminate the dark circles:

How do you clarify or remove dark circles?

Cucumber and carrot:

You can eliminate fatigue in the gaze grating a slice of cucumber and carrot and putting them on your eyelids about 15 minutes every night. This is to keep them in the fridge for that are either cold and help you to your eyelids to achieve greater relaxation, rinsed and strives to do so with very cold water.


The lavender tea serves as anti-inflammatory, it is not recommended the use of lavender oil on the skin, but you can pour a drop of essential oil in water, with a cotton swab rubbed gently this mixture to the under eye circles, there is no need to rinse already that there is very little that you're smearing. If you have a very sensitive skin you can make an infusion of water and lavender and breathe the vapors.


As we know, ice is an ally to speak of inflammations corporal, you can wrap a few boxes of ice in a soft cloth and leave it on the eyes for 15 minutes.


Blend a few leaves of mint along with a bit of olive oil, spread the lower eyelid with a cotton before sleeping. Apply just a little so you can leave it all night and not feel any discomfort.

Milk compresses:

Tries to milk it as cold as possible, pour in a glass milk and pieces of cotton, take out them and put them in the eyelids. Leave to act for 20 minutes and remove with plenty of water.

How do you clarify or remove dark circles?

Packs of potatoes:

This is one of the recipes you should do more often. Peel and grate a potato, put it in a loop and put it over the eyes, let it work while most you can and repeat it constantly every day so that your benefits will accelerate.


Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. Prepare an infusion of Chamomile and add a little yogurt. You should have a creamy texture that you apply in the shape of the eye and let stand for 10 minutes, and retires with abound you with cold water.

Compresses of roses:

Remove petals flowers rose and prepare an infusion with the petals, let it boil for two hours approximately out all the nutrients that are the petals. Infusion it passes through a strainer and wait to cool a little, you soaked a cotton of this infusion and leave it act on your eyes a few minutes, rinse with cold water.

Consume plenty of water:

As mentioned it before dehydration also is responsible for dark circles, for this reason it is important to consume enough water, or at least 8 glasses a day.

Tea packs:

Tea is helpful to reduce inflammation and relax the body, place to boil a bag for 10 minutes, then put one in each eye and let stand for a while, you can do this treatment several times in the day.


Strawberry serves as inflammation, prepare a puree with its pulp and apply it over the eyelid. Leave to act for half an hour and remove with plenty of water.

How do you clarify or remove dark circles?


This recipe is special to lightening the color of dark circles thanks to its vitamin C. use a cotton ball and put it in a glass with lemon juice, pass it through the outline of the eyes taking care that it does not enter the eyes. Leave it a while and wash it with lukewarm water, do it two or three times a week.
I hope you have served these homemade recipes to reduce and eliminate dark circles on your eyelids, if time for more remedies that you do nothing works, is better that you visit a doctor, will not be that you have a more serious problem.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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