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How to care for the health of the colon in the woman

Are you female? How do you take care of your colon? Can you not know this, but in general we are who most often suffer from diseases associated with this very basic part of our intestines. Want to know how take better care of it?

How to care for the health of the colon in the woman

1- The colon and the woman:

Why why the incidence of diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome affects to a greater degree in women than in men? The truth is that it is not known to what itself causes arising from such problems, but sometimes the experts tell us that factors such as hormonal problems, stress, anxiety, and even bad eating habits cause these pictures so characteristic that you know:

Digestive problems.
Pain and bloating, as if it were a colic. Something that can last hours, even days.
Alterations of the bowel.
Pain can be relieved when we go to the service, but sometimes stools are result of diarrhea or resulted from long periods of constipation.
We have gas, and enough with only a bite to eat to feel full.
We are suffering from nausea, tiredness, chest burning, tightness in the stomach...
In general and as you have said, colon and especially irritable bowel syndrome problems, almost always appears in women. And when the first problems emerge? Usually before the age of 35. We say doctors often influence primarily in women with dysmenorrhoea. I.e. severe pain before menstruation, leg cramps, sore kidneys, migraines, vomiting... and where in addition, usually bleed enough, need abundant analgesics to relieve pain. Another interesting fact is that sometimes it weighs enough genetic factor. They can suffer mothers and daughters.

2- How to care for my colon if I am a woman?

How to care for the health of the colon in the woman

1. Take care of your food, be careful with weight-loss diets:

It is an error in the fall many women. Sometimes we follow very strict diets in which we eat incorrectly. Lack of fiber, protein or lack of adequate vitamins, may cause our intestinal health may change and with it, let our colon to operate as it should, is intoxicating and accumulating too many bacteria. We have to be careful. If you follow diets, take care always consume abundant fiber, fresh vegetables and food Prebiotics.

2. Vitamins adequate that they will take care of your colon:

Vitamin C, vitamin A and beta-carotene, are wonderful antioxidants able to care for and restore our intestine cells. They strengthen it and it heals it. Which foods may we take then to obtain these nutrients? Notes:
Grapefruit juice.
Orange juice.
Alfalfa, broccoli, carrots, celery...
Apple and papaya.
Remember that it is always better if you eat them raw, and fresh since they have enzymes that facilitate the digestion of food.

3. The proper probiotics:

Dairy products, provided that they are fermented, will be of great help to take care of our intestinal flora. It is therefore important that you consume fermented yogurts, kefir, fermented milk beverages...

4. The natural laxatives:

How about if we start the day with a little papaya or orange juice? Excellent, nor neglect healthy oats, banana, flax Apple, pear, cucumber, mango, Aloe juice or extra virgin olive oil. It will help you to balance your intestinal transit, debug and avoid constipation.

5. Do not forget to drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day:

We tell you many times in our space. Drinking water is healthy, necessary, and fulfills a mission essential in our body, the hydrated, purify your body, facilitate the work of your organs, detoxifying... try to always drink between 6 to 8 glasses a day, that way your gut will work with more agility and the health of your colon will notice it. If something heavy is done you put a little bit of lemon juice in the bottle that you drink and you will see how you are most welcome.

6. Avoid the high-fat meal:

We know that it is easier to get home and cook us that pizza. Or the frozen dish of the supermarket. Or sometimes, you want more nibble anything, a few potatoes, a cake, a frying... all this, in the long run it will make that our body is full of toxins, fats that we can not process. Liquids are retained, we feel swollen and little by little, our health suffers.

How to care for the health of the colon in the woman

7. Take care of your emotional life:

You might surprised you this information, but our gut is almost like that second brain that governs our body. What happens when for example we are very nervous? Nerves accumulate there, we have headaches, stomach scrambled and we suffer such diarrhea. What have our mind deteriorates in the intestine, a correlation that we should never overlook. Find time for you, set priorities, enjoy your time with your loved ones and your hobbies. Cultivate your self-esteem, takes care of the quality of your day to day remembering that the purpose in this life is to be happy, and sometimes, we need less than what we think to be so.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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