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The major benefits of eating watermelon

Watermelon is always appealing and fresh fruit of exquisite Crimson tone, which explodes in pleasant sweetness in our mouths. It is quite possible to not know its amazing properties, or to not know that nutrition experts call the watermelon as "the fruit which is good for everything"...
And it is certainly, recent studies have disproved such that it is perfect in States of fatigue or weakness, that their contribution is ideal when muscles hurt us and even to recover after physical effort or practice sport. It is thus a perfect piece to include in your daily diet, not only it is good for health, it is refreshing and tasty, this is why in addition to explain to you all of your benefits you also provide a simple and original recipes.

1- Nutritional properties of watermelon:

Watermelon is the fruit that most water contains, almost 93%, and is usual that you use it in diets for weight loss. It is suitable, Yes, but has other many principles that make it appropriate for many things. It contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates... enough that you see this simple example.
In 100 g of watermelon that you consume, you will have the following nutrients:

-89 mg of potassium.
-11 mg of magnesium.
-4.6 grams of carbohydrates.
-0.5 grams of fiber.
- 20.5 kcal.
-In addition to folic acid, pro-vitamin A...

2- Watermelon health benefits:

The major benefits of eating watermelon

Benefits for the heart:

Its composition based on L-citrulline helps to relax blood vessels, and not only that, metabolizing arginine, which is good for the heart and hypertension.

To alleviate muscle fatigue:

When we make an effort, when we practice sport or just a long day's work, our muscles store lactic acid and ammonia. The composition of the watermelon rich in L-citrulline, is perfect for muscles to relax and get power again. It is ideal to take it after making an effort. In addition, their potassium content reinforces the muscular and nervous system.

Antioxidant effect:

Just look at that sexy Red of the watermelon to know that contains a high level of antioxidants, ideal to prevent aging and maintain our tissues in optimal state.

Depurative properties:

Its high fiber content is ideal to eliminate toxic elements in our body and clean our bowels. Don't try it.

To improve the sex life:

It may seem surprising, but the watermelon, thanks to its L-citrulline compound, promotes proper circulation of the blood in all parts of the body, relaxes the blood vessels and is ideal for erectile dysfunction.


Watermelon has several alkaline minerals that make it well suited for patients with rheumatic problems.

Laxative effect:

You could not miss, thanks to its properties and composition enriched with fiber, they make it perfect for those moments when we are afflicted by the annoying constipation.

It prevents cancer:

Thanks to the licopoteno, you can protect against certain types of cancer, in addition to other cardiovascular diseases. In fact there are many studies that support this idea, even prevent blindness in the elderly due to their properties to avoid degeneration macular.

3- Watermelon recipes:

We then show you three simple recipes that you can do with watermelon to get your desserts are even more attractive. We must point out to you also that if you are diabetic it is not recommended that you consume them due to its high sugar content.

Watermelon Mint:

The major benefits of eating watermelon


Watermelon juice - 300 ml.
-8 slices of watermelon
-150 ml. cream to mount
-5 leaves of gelatine
-mint leaves.


-You start to assemble the cream.
-Take the watermelon juice and warm it up a little bit, not much.
-Soak the leaves of gelatine in cold water and insert them into the hot juice so they are dissolving.
-Chop the mint leaves and mix: cream, watermelon jelly juice and Mint.
-Put the liquid into glasses and let cool and set. To unmold it just put some heat into the glass so that they come out in perfect condition. You'll see how you love.

Watermelon with white tea and melon skewers:

The major benefits of eating watermelon


-4 sachets of white tea
-4 sugar lumps
-1/4 melon


-Prepare an infusion of white tea for four people and let it cool.
-Cut the watermelon into small squares and triangles in the melon. Introduce them on the skewer and then take it to the inside of the cup of iced tea. Delicious!

Soup of watermelon with orange liqueur:

The major benefits of eating watermelon


-600 Gr. of watermelon.
-Medium melon
-9 strawberries.
-5 large raisins
-1 cup orange liqueur.


-Cut to cubes the melon and sprinkle them with a little liquor then, let them marinate 20 minutes.
-Put on each skewer stick 2 strawberries, 1 passes and 1 square of melon.
-Remove the seeds of the watermelon and cut them into pieces to then pass it through the blender. When you have list this soup (or liquefied juice) watermelon, take it after a half-hour to the fridge to be cooler.
-Finally, it served in cups juice watermelon with skewers of melon and strawberries. Simply delicious and healthy.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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