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Food and exercises to start your day with energy and good humor

Many people tend to get up with great effort, tired, not rested, irritable and cranky, but surely we can fight all that of course with a few good tips.
In this article you say what foods and exercises can do every morning to give you the energy you need and help you to have a better state of mind that will last you throughout the day.

Food and exercises to start your day with energy and good humor

1- The first water:

The first thing we have to do to get up is drinking two glasses of lukewarm water, which will activate your body and cleanse toxins from the previous day. This simple tip will also allow us to operate our intestines, which is directly related to our State of mind.

2- Energy from head to toe:

We can perform a very simple exercise to activate the circulation and commissioning our head. We stretch out in bed or on the floor, next to a wall. We will approach the buttocks to the wall and stretch out legs upwards, on the wall, to stay at an angle. We can be in this position five or 10 minutes.
In addition, we can take advantage of this position, separating some of the wall, to make stretching of leg and English, opening them and closing them, making scissors and flexing them and stretching them.

Food and exercises to start your day with energy and good humor

3- A cold shower:

Hot water relaxes and water cold active, by that morning we should start the day with water cold. If it costs us, we can begin to shower with warm water while we dish washing us, but we must finish with a minute cold water throughout the body except for the head.
When you leave the shower dry us rubbing skin well back into heat.

4- The juice of life:

With this name, we call a juice supplemented that is highly energetic and stimulating, helps us to raise the defenses and prevent all kinds of diseases. The juice can be orange, lemon juice or both combined, but squeezed at the time. This juice to the add one teaspoon each of these supplements:
Brewer's yeast
Wheat germ
Soy lecithin
Honey bee
The entire family can enjoy this combination before breakfast.
In the case of women over 40 years, we recommend also add a pinch of maca powder, which functions as energy, stimulating, aphrodisiac, regulatory hormonar and remedy of beauty to hair and nails.

5- Stretching from the foot:

With the help of a fairly hard ball, type of tennis, we can relax and simultaneously activated throughout the body in a few minutes.
We'll put the ball on the ground and, while we're standing, we will be stepping on the ball with one foot, trying to press in all areas of the sole of the foot, insisting that most hurt us. We must ensure that we pass through the plant.
Then repeat the exercise with the other foot.
At the end we are left standing and you will notice at the time that the sole of the foot has relaxed much.

Food and exercises to start your day with energy and good humor

6- A good breakfast:

Finally, to complete this routine is the most appealing part, a good breakfast, that includes all the nutrients that our body needs to first thing in the morning.
You should not miss in our breakfast:

Fruit (fresh or dried) or fruit juice: citrus fruits are one of the best fruits to eat, since they give energy and improve mood. If you have constipation choose plums or figs.
Cereal: bread or cereals (oats, corn, wheat, spelt, rye), which should be comprehensive so that provide us all nutrients
Nuts, rich in protein and healthy fats
Dairy: cottage cheese, kefir, or ghee preferably.
With these ingredients can produce different healthy breakfasts that will give us the energy we need to not be hungry all morning:
Cottage cheese with fruit, nuts and honey
Cereals with almonds and oats drink
Integral sandwich with cheese
Toasted rye with ghee and jam
Milkshake or drink vegetable, banana, hazelnuts and cocoa, sweetened with cane or honey bee honey
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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