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How to clean the intestines naturally

The intestine tends to accumulate excessive amounts of waste that make evil then the general operation of the Agency. The intestine, also known as colon, can generate many problems if it is not clean, so it is advisable to perform a drain. In addition, know the causes that have generated this accumulation of toxins to never repeat it or avoid it as much as possible.

How to clean the intestines naturally

1- What to know about cleaning the intestine?

If your idea is to clean the colon or intestine due to occasional or mild constipation, it is sufficient to add fibers or herbs to normalize the traffic. But hardly you can this remove all the "old" that has been glued to your intestinal walls. A person who won't body during three days in a row is an accumulation of debris from 15 different meals.
Intestines cleaning is more than beneficial for the organism, because eliminates everything that that does not work and that clogs, from parasites to some product that was swallowed long ago. With a good wash colonic and a consistent diet it is possible that the intestine is clean. In addition, translates into a sense of tranquility in the interior, better sleep, better breath, best body odor, disappearance of pimples or eruptions, etc. It also has other tonic effects such as the stimulation of abdominal glands or liver, but above all of the pancreas. Intestinal cleaning serves to improve the absorption and assimilation of food.
It is necessary to also know that laxatives are not as good because its active principles are more toxic and irritating to own food. Natural, the most appropriate level, they are the washing, enemas, herbs or salts. These are more reliable resources, which can be chosen once you have some knowledge about the subject.
We never have become "dependent" of these methods or use them very often because we can achieve an opposite effect. The regularity has to be as a natural consequence of our change of power. This means that no '' goes '' eat everything and then once a week do a bowel cleaning, because it is not how it works.
Certain foods that can also be used for if they have "cleansing" properties for the colon and does not lack having to practice any of the techniques mentioned above.

How to clean the intestines naturally

2- Vegetarian recipes for the colon cleanse:

With these recipes you can simply and effectively clean your intestines and digestive system. The only thing you have to do is to change your diet and start including more fruits in season, vegetables, vegetables and dried beans. Your gut will be much cleaner and therefore also your kidneys and liver. Your health will improve significantly and in general all your organs.
One of the best recipes for the colon cleanse is made with the juice from two oranges, seven strawberries and peaches three pieces without the pit. It helps to naturally clean the intestine and strengthen your respiratory system. It has also been proven that it serves to decrease depression. Simply place the fruit in a blender and mix. Baby immediately without strain on an empty stomach. Repeat the decision for nine consecutive days. After an hour of drink this Smoothie you can eat normally.
On the other hand we have herbs that are very good for this purpose, like for example:

Cascara (bearberry): is used for a few thousand years, it is a shell introduced by the Aboriginal people of the North to the Spaniards in the 16th century. It has compositions called "anthraquinones" that help to trigger the contractions of the colon, emulating the movement to go to the bathroom. It also serves to eliminate waste in those who have a delicate digestive system.
Plantago Psyllium: it is a shell of seed originating in the India and Iran. The shells are used in herbal medicine and the alternative. They contain many soluble dietary fiber. It should be soaked to make a jelly-like mass forms around, acting as if it were a broom that sweeps everything there is on the walls of the intestines. It promotes colon health in general.
Althaea Officinalis (or Marshmallow): this herb has been used since the ancient Greece, from which derives the name, since "altho" means "cure". Contains large sugar molecules (mucilage) that have a soothing effect on the mucous membranes of the colon wall.
Cinnamomum Cassia: also known as Chinese cinnamon, it is the first species that entered Europe with Alexander the great. Before she was taken to Egypt and Israel. It is cultivated for its oil, its buds and bark to Southeast China and it has a great effect on the digestive system, promotes the health of tissues and membranes in several parts of the stomach and colon healthy.

How to clean the intestines naturally

3- Tips to clean the bowel permanently:

Consumes fruits between 8 and 10 weekly servings: always choose those that have more fiber as red fruits.
Choose carbohydrates that are whole-grain 2-3 times a week.
Prefer foods that help you to clean the colon, i.e., all rich in protein and fiber.
Leave aside the sweets and fats.
Add to meal flax seeds ground, sprinkled on food
Exercise daily (at least 30 minutes of walk) and drinking excessive amounts of water per day (2 litres is recommended minimum).
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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