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Intestinal, key health of the well-being: how to obtain it?

Intestinal health is the first step to obtain an adequate quality of life. We avoid diseases, toxins accumulate and suffer from constipation. It's a reality that many people overlook. Today, you indicate how to get a proper health in this aspect. Discover it.

Intestinal, key health of the well-being: how to obtain it?

1- The consequences of poor intestinal health:

We have to remember that one of the basic functions of our intestines, is obtaining nutrients. that it will be later absorbed by our body. Thick, thin intestine and colon, are essential to our quality of life, to obtain vitamins, minerals and such basic chemical substance which, find us well. But what happens when there is such a high toxic load in these organs? When filled them with chemical negatives, fats and harmful elements that we get with a few bad eating habits? Notes:

Our bacterial flora is altered.
Poor digestion.
Episodes of constipation or diarrhea.
Weakness by not obtaining the necessary vitamins.
Diseases associated with lack of nutrients.
Inflammations of the bowel and colon. Irritable bowel syndrome.
Bloating, fluid retention.
We have to remember that food be digested properly, there must be toxic waste, those that interfere with metabolic processes. Like and you know, during digestion enzymes Basic are segregated so the intestinal walls carried out their work, but if there are harmful elements, this will not occur and our health is going to notice. We will absorb toxins and diseases not nutrients, and thus, they appear. Your intestinal health is basic and essential. Take care. We explain how.

2- How to care for your intestinal health:

An ideal way to take care of our intestines is through food. There are people who prefer to use drugs which make the bowel cleaning time. But remember that every drug has its harmful effects on the liver, so to the extent possible we will only use them when it is very necessary and our doctors deem. To maintain a good intestinal health, nothing better than a correct diet and proper life habits. But see it in detail.

Intestinal, key health of the well-being: how to obtain it?

1. Fiber and antioxidants:

How much fiber you eat a day? Do take how many pieces of fruit a day? For example think that juices you buy in the supermarket are not as healthy as we think, contain many preservatives and lack of natural vitamins. Nothing better than a natural juice of Orange, lemon or grapefruit, nothing more appropriate than a papaya in your lunch than a PEAR to media later. Remember that it is always better to eat this type of more acidic fruits containing those a little more than sugar. They are rich in antioxidants and also to cleanse the bowel. Remember for example that calls forest fruits as blueberries for example, are excellent for the entire digestive system. They are protective and one of the richest in antioxidants.

2. Morning remedy: Aloe Vera with lemon:

A great way to start the day and which take care of your health, is to take a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of aloe Vera or Aloe Vera. If you add the juice of half a lemon there is nothing so healthy for your tomorrows. We treat, care for, protect and detoxify our inside while we get adequate vitamins. Keep that in mind

3. Probiotics:

Probiotics are those elements that are conducive to the growth of good bacteria which, protect and stimulate our intestinal flora. Thus digestion are carried out better, are better absorbed nutrients and we are better. As you know dairy products are not very good, do not tolerate them well, hence we should resort to fermented dairy products such as butter-milk, tofu... pa'saber for example that the garlic cloves are also very appropriate. They are excellent natural antibiotics.

4. The natural oils:

The omega 3 oil and olive oil are very suitable guards to our intestinal health. Did you know that avocado for example is great to take each day? He is a stimulating and purifying effect that deserves to take into account, as well as olive oil. Do not forget to prepare delicious salads where missing the green shoots, nuts and even the seeds. If you add a bit of olive oil and Apple Cider vinegar for example, you'll be doing a lot for your health.

Intestinal, key health of the well-being: how to obtain it?

5. The importance of drinking water:

How much water do you drink a day? Do you know that the water facilitates intestinal transit, which cleans and prevents constipation? It is a healthy and easy to do a lot for your health and for facilitating the work of your organs. Try to drink two liters of water per day, and if you see you it makes heavy, add a little lemon juice.
It starts today same to take care of your intestinal health, without ignore the balance of your emotions. The States of anxiety and stress affect much our digestive system and our intestines. Try to be happy every day, the most important of this world are you and your health.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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