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Relationship between headache and liver

The headache can have different origins: migraines, tension headaches and also a pain associated with a liver sick or intoxicated. We teach you how to recognize it and to take better care of yourself.

Relationship between headache and liver

1- Why can my headache relate the liver?

When a liver is going well, we enjoy a quality of life where we don't even remember this body. But sometimes, we began to have digestive problems, fatigue and other symptoms where there is no headache. There is a disorder, it may be mild or it may be more serious, but as a symptom itself we must not overlooked by.
But how is this headache associated with the diseased liver? It is the pain that comes and goes, appears to moments of intense mode around the temples or on the back of the head. We often confuse it with tension-type headache, but a fact to differentiate it is that it comes accompanied by pain in the abdomen, feeling of being overcrowded, with uncomfortable discomfort in the gut which is accompanied by a bitter taste on the noca, whitish or yellowish tongue and a little nausea.
Also indicates doctors that it is common for example suffering from insomnia in the early hours of night and difficulties for waking up in the morning. On we, the women, it is also common to suffer from premenstrual syndrome with some pretty strong symptoms.
In general, what happens is that these headaches appear when the liver is drunk or sick, and then fails to properly function and not can send us the necessary energy to the head and extremities. Hence the pain and fatigue.

2- What can I do to take better care of my liver and avoid these headaches?

Relationship between headache and liver

1. Nutritional guidelines:

Avoid eating in large quantities. It is best to eat right but several times a day without losing any food. Never skip breakfast, it is essential to keep our metabolism in good condition.
It reduces the consumption of fats, fried foods, sugar consumption, alcohol and salt, as well as dairy products.
It elevates your dose of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is best to eat foods made with soft, as for example a steam cooking.
Ideal comprehensive, and plant foods that have a "cooling" effect, and in particular, with bitter green leafy vegetables. And why? because calm the liver, i.e. have an inflammatory effect to liver, as well as assist in purifying function level. One of the best foods of this type is the artichoke.
There are herbs that may be helpful, such as thistle, ginger, dandelion, green tea... are detoxifying, stimulating drainage and improve liver function.

2. Guidelines behavioral and emotional:

As you know our lifestyle habits they directly influence the health of our liver. It would be advisable that you do at least half an hour a day to do some sport, to move and to improve the function of your heart. Just out walking every morning, or to run late in the day about 15 minutes... whatever it is with such a move. In addition, it is imperative that we take care of our emotions. Reduce your stress and anxiety levels Recalling are the priorities that we have to keep: your health, your happiness, and the enjoyment of your own. It is always a few hours a day to yourself, to enjoy simple things, even if it is only being alone with your thoughts in a park, or taking a coffee with friends (remember that coffee is good for the liver). Surround yourself with people that you love, that you respect and who want the best for you. If you think that you should stay away from certain people do it until your health is affected. All these little things do harm to our liver and our personal balance. Remember.

3- Example of a proper diet to avoid headache:

We give you a simple example for any given day. With these foods take care of our liver and will avoid these associated headaches.

Relationship between headache and liver

1. Breakfast:

Glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon
A slice of bread from whole-grain oats with jam of blueberries (unsweetened)
Half a block and a few two knobs.

2. Mid-morning:

1 Apple or 1 pear.
Or a cup of green tea with integral toast with a few drops of olive oil.

3. Lunch:

Grilled vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts...)
Grilled white fish.
A small bowl with pieces of papaya.

4. Snack:

A cup of oatmeal with some strawberry water.

Relationship between headache and liver

5. Dinner:

Some artichokes, boiled with a little olive oil and vinegar.
Brown rice boiled with olive oil, salt and bay leaf.
A kiwi.
(Remember that the salads are not good for dinner, usually lettuce for example costs more digest it, so salads always leave them for lunch.)

6. An hour before going to sleep:

An infusion of lemon balm, mint, thyme. You will rest better.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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