Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Facial exercises to tone your face and reduce wrinkles

As we care for exercising the body to keep it toned and healthy, we should also do it with the face. It is very important to learn and practice some exercises that may help slow the signs of aging, mainly the wrinkles in different parts of the face daily.
Since the face is the place faster than showing the ravages caused by the passage of time, it is essential to maintain consistency on the care that this part of the body needs; Paramount is a healthy diet, in which no missing fruits, vegetables and enough water. In the same way, have to try to keep a good and healthy lifestyle habits, such as: practice moderate exercise, sleep well, avoid alcohol consumption and avoid situations that cause stress.
In the market there are many treatments to eliminate wrinkles, which - without a doubt - are very effective, but they are also expensive, therefore in this opportunity we will recommend some facial workouts that are equally effective to combat the wrinkles of the face and, in addition, does not cost anything, just spend a few minutes a day to make them and already very easy!

Facial exercises for toning the face:

Facial exercises to tone your face and reduce wrinkles

Reduce wrinkles:

Stop in front of a mirror and after you've bathed, it's moving all the muscles of the face for at least ten minutes. If it is also possible they can do just before going to sleep.

Tone and strengthen the eyelids:

Further up that possible, then turn right and left must carry the look. They should be four sets of twenty reps, rest 2 minutes between each series.

Keep the cheeks and cheekbones toned:

A fairly simple exercise is close with force the mouth and blowing so we fill the mouth of air and inflate. You must also moves with the language of right to left. He made three series of fifteen to twenty repetitions.

Keep lips healthy and beautiful:

Open mouth as much as possible and cover your teeth with the lips, keep this position while we count up to ten, and then and very slowly the mouth closes. The muscles relax before returning to start. Make a five repetitions.

Facial exercises to tone your face and reduce wrinkles

Correct the Crow's feet:

With the fingertip rub and press wrinkles movements up and down.


Facial massages have the same results, since they act on tissues, helping to correct the damage caused on the skin. We can make these massages doing stretches at places that, increasingly, have wrinkles.
Facial massages can be for ten minutes in the morning and afternoon, if possible can help with a few drops of sweet almond oil, which will also help to hydrate and moisturize the skin.
Before performing any of these facial exercises, it is important to apply a cream in whole face to stimulate and prepare the skin, in this way the exercises will be performed will be far more effective.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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