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Is fasting effective for curing?

This practice is basically a period that you abstain from eating or drinking anything. You can carry out for various reasons, such as a special diet, want to detoxify or religious purposes. Learn more about fasting in the following article.

Is fasting effective for curing?

1- What the fasting?

As mentioned above is a practice where the person does not consume any food or drink for different reasons. There are different types of fasting:

Absolute fasting: is the complete abstention from any food and liquid. Is performed for a short time (for example during the hours of the day, ends in the night, as in the Islamic fasting)
Normal fasting: is abstention from food but not water. Is for a time limited (one day)
Partial fasting: is a limited diet, where desserts, fruits, alcoholic drinks or dishes are left aside and only consumed legumes and vegetables (for example feeding carrying the monks)
Medium fast: it is for health reasons, in the morning or skips a meal (mostly dinner).
Fasting is practiced from thousands of years ago, is included in the Bible, the Torah and the Koran. In the case of religious fasts also other practices are prohibited during that period, as for example, sex or smoking.

2- The fast as natural cure:

One of the natural alternatives that we have available to cure some diseases is fasting. When we get sick more than 'normal' or really want to have a strengthened health, we can fast to cleanse the body of toxins that do not allow us to live fully.
Modern life is full of foods that are bad as fats, fried foods, sugar, GMO, dyes or chemical additives. All of this is harmful to our body and cause disorders that we do not always take into account.
It can carry out a fast cure putting aside all processed foods, for example, consuming only fruits, vegetables and cereals, as well as also to refrain from consuming soft drinks, desserts or alcohol, in order to purify us and detoxify us.
Fasting is a very useful option for those who wish to heal in every way, also in the spiritual. However, the majority of the people practice it for weight loss or to heal a disease in particular. The important thing is that after completing the fasting not return to the same previous habits, because nothing will serve the effort. At least, it reduces the amount of negative food and repeat the process of fasting at least every two months.

3- The benefits of fasting:

You are debugging the digestive, evacuating approximately 2.5 kg of fecal matter and debris that accumulate in the intestine (for prolonged fasts).
Cleans the blood, liver and kidney, organs which accumulate many toxins, which enter the body with food and the air we breathe.
It detoxifies cells of harmful substances that are "saving" within us. It is to prevent the entry of more toxins as we get rid of them naturally.
Reduces the weight without starving: the first two or three days of fasting are a torment but then the body become accustomed and reach a State of equilibrium where not feel give you eat throughout the day.
Fluid retention disappears: If your problem is the swollen ankles, for example, fasting helps you clean the renal unit and eliminates the liquid accumulated in the lower limbs, as well as in the abdomen.
Renews the skin and hair: this is because the body removes tissues "old" so they grow new. Go away stains, acne, wrinkles and blackheads from the face, the hair will look completely different.
Improves sensory functions: it is proven that with the fast improving the sight, smell and taste.
It controls blood pressure without using any type of medication.
It increases alertness, helping to improve memory, concentration and attention. You are students encouraged to fast before preparing an exam, for example.
Power physical energy: Unlike what is thought, a person who fasts is not weakened and not wanting to get out of bed. On the other hand, it increases its vigor and energy, which translates into better performance at work, study, sports, etc.
It prevents many diseases: fasting is an ideal practice to balance the hormonal system, helps to quit smoking, to cure anxiety, depression and insomnia, cure tumors, inflammations and tissue sick, raises appetite, eliminates the eczema, cure angina pectoris, hemorrhoids, migraine, pneumonia and influenza, rheumatism and varicose veins.

Is fasting effective for curing?

4- When not should we fast?

There are few situations that forbid fasting, such as cases of people with disseminated tuberculosis, cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, transplanted, with severe heart disease and thyroid problems.
Also it is advisable to fast to those taking many medications daily, especially: insulin, corticosteroids, blood thinners, beta-blockers, and bronchodilators. For pregnant women is not recommended fasting because it can harm the baby.
In the case of religious fasting, for example in Islam, women who are in their menstrual period does not can fast, nor facing travel.
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