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How to detect if my body is poisoned

The head hurts much, the skin is opaque regardless of which treatment to follow, you can not concentrate on anything or suffer from edema? Attention, because it may be that you are intoxicated. In the following article you will know a little more about this enemy as frequent but shortly taken into account. Learn how to detect if the body is intoxicated.
There are many chemical reactions that occur in the body with the objective of balance internally and keep us healthy. However, this can be affected by different attacks coming from inside, such as viruses, bacteria, environmental pollution or solar radiation. And to a good extent also due to what we eat. So, we can be with our worst enemies and without realizing.
Organs such as the liver (also the lungs and kidneys) are responsible for filter, neutralize or control components that can damage the body. Unfortunately, with the kind of food we have available in the market, sometimes the tasks of these poor workers is uphill. Of course, because the body does not know well how you react to preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colorants, additives, or the so-called "flavor highlighters". All that you have letters and numbers or strange names in the packages that we buy on a daily basis. Although are processed like any other food, are leaving some residues that accumulate poisoned it.

How to detect if my body is poisoned

1- How to know if my body is intoxicated?

If we seek the timely definition of intoxication would be: disorder, change or reaction caused by a harmful substance when ingested, breathed or touched. Then, it is an alteration in the body, an imbalance, presenting symptoms. Sometimes not we pay them attention to signals that gives us the body and thought to be due to other factors, e.g., lack of sleep or excess of liabilities.
The signs that the body is intoxicated are: frequent headaches, alterations in the cycle of sleep (insomnia or tiredness), anxiety, apathy, irritability, lack of concentration, problems of memory, eczema or dry skin, medicine, lack of energy, chronic fatigue, infections, herpes, allergies, changes in hair or nails, overweight, lose weight and edema shortness.
As a first step, it is necessary to know if these symptoms are actually due to poisoning or if it is another problem. A general health check will determine it. In the majority of cases, analyses are within normal limits or there is nothing that catches the attention of professionals, however, the patient still felt wrong. The pictures may be mild but at the same time progressive to become chronic.

2- How to prevent a poisoning in the body?

We are not talking about being poisoned by eating food in poor condition or that has lost the chain of cold, but sediments that are leaving us the harmful foods for health. The good news is that you can do something about it, avoid increasingly intoxicate and enjoy excellent health.

3- It takes a balanced and natural diet:

The quality of the food we eat has a lot to do with the degree of intoxication that we suffer. If possible, try to eat organic, non-industrial, small markets or fairs and not supermarkets, etc. Leave aside what is packaged, frozen or is made in the microwave. Eat more fruits and vegetables that have not been fumigated, provided the station.

How to detect if my body is poisoned

4- Performs physical activity:

This is also important because that is one of the ways that has the body to remove toxins through perspiration and sweat through the pores. But in addition, because sport makes the organs such as the lungs have greater capacity and work efficiently. Apart from the fatigue that may result in this activity, you'll realize that many of the symptoms will go away. This will be in the State of your skin, that come down in weight and feel perfect in General.

5- Sleeping enough:

During the night, the body takes advantage of that you are in bed to recover and refuel. It is important for you to stay between seven and eight hours per day. Respect the schedule of going to sleep and that you wake up. The shortage of rest that detoxify you bodies are tired and with a lot of well known "stress hormone" cortisol. This is precisely that generates or even aggravated the level of intoxication.

6- Be happy:

If you keep the joy, smile, relax, and learn to be grateful, you are also eliminating negativity in your life. It may sound like a spiritual and holistic, however, it is proven that happiness us away from bad habits such as alcohol abuse, fast food, sweets or salty snacks.

How to detect if my body is poisoned

7- Diet for detoxifying the body:

If you've confirmed that the symptoms are due to intoxication, you can carry out a special diet for a week:

Breakfast: unsweetened green tea and two slices of bread with sugar-free Cranberry jam.
Mid-morning: an Apple or a PEAR if you heat or a cup of green tea with a toast bread without gluten with a few drops of olive oil if it's cold.
Lunch: You can choose between grilled white fish with steamed vegetables; with amaranth and salad adzuki bean Burger; Brown rice with vegetables and oily fish grilled or salad of lettuce, carrot, onion, olive oil and little salt of Himalayas.
Snack: Just like the breakfast.
Dinner: Some of the options are vegetable grilled with mushrooms; Brown rice with olive oil and laurel.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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