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Benefits and uses of hydrogen peroxide

Probably you think that hydrogen peroxide is an element for the first aid kit and only used to disinfect wounds. Nothing further from reality. The multiple uses of hydrogen peroxide will leave you amazed. Read more in the following article.

Benefits and uses of hydrogen peroxide

1- Virtues of hydrogen peroxide:

The H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) is the only germicidal agent composed only by water and oxygen, killing pathogens. This is considered the most safe and effective natural disinfectant. However, there are many more "oxygenated water" applications as we know popularly, sure were not aware.
Whitening clothes: adds a cup of hydrogen peroxide to whites to prevent it from being yellow by the passage of time. It also serves to remove stains of blood on the carpet. Pour directly, let it rest a minute and rub with brush, then rinse off with cold water.
A detoxifying and rejuvenating bath: use a few tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide 3% in a tub of warm water. Immerse yourself for half an hour, if you need to add hot water to maintain a comfortable temperature. Eliminating the micro-organisms that accumulate on your skin and can cause illness.
To treat fungal foot: spraying a mixture in equal parts with oxygenated water and tap water. Applied between the toes or fingernails every night and leaves to dry only. If there is chronic infections, place two measures of hydrogen peroxide in hot distilled water and applied once or twice a week.
To make irrigations enemas or colonic: adds a cup of H2O2 to about 15 liters of water (for colonic irrigation). And a spoonful of H2O2 to one liter of hot distilled water for enemas.
To avoid infections: pour a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in an infection, wound or cut several times a day. Where has onset of gangrene, it plunges directly into pure H2O2.
To cure infection by mites: If you have this problem, you can place with a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide marbles pure each hour on the skin.
To relieve sinus infections: mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in a cup of water without chlorine and poured into a container to be used as a nasal spray.
To rinse and take care of the mouth: put a capful of hydrogen peroxide in your mouth and keep for 10 minutes without swallowing. Thus you will eliminate and prevent mouth ulcers and sores; your teeth will be whiter and diminish the possibilities of having cavities. Many are also used as mouthwash after brushing your teeth. A homemade toothpaste with baking soda and H2O2 can be and to soak the brush in hydrogen peroxide to keep it germ-free. Having properties anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal, it can help in some cases of toothache.
Hair lightener: hydrogen peroxide is used to have the hair a few shades lighter. Dilute in water (50/50) and sprayed into the hair after the shower. Then comb. The result is tenuous, so there is no problem of "silvered".
To disinfect contact lens: If you've been without the solution that you buy in optics, don't worry, you can take advantage of the H2O2 that serves to break down proteins that accumulate in the lens. Is ideal for those who have sensitive eyes to liquids.
To clean in the House: eliminating germs and leave a fresh scent. Put a little on the rag or grille to clean, poured into the cleaning liquid that you use regularly. You can also use hydrogen peroxide to spotless glasses and mirrors. At the same time, if you apply a tablespoon in the dishwasher your dishes will be brighter; It is very good to keep disinfected bathrooms (never use bleach or harmful disinfectants) and to rinse the wooden board after cutting meat or vegetables. If you combine with vinegar hydrogen peroxide, you'll get a powerful disinfectant, economic, natural and effective. It serves to disinfect from fruits to toys, footwear, towels or floors. It is also very good for removing mildew from the ceiling or the walls of the bathroom.
To combat acne: is a very effective home remedy for those who have pimples on the face. Once you wash your face with mild soap and water, apply with a cotton a little hydrogen peroxide on the shins or face in its entirety, but you must be careful because it can be irritating or a little dry skin. Apply up to twice per week.
To cure sore throat: If you're gargling with hydrogen peroxide lighten the discomfort in the throat. Mix Cup of warm water with Cup of peroxide and performs Swish or gargle without swallowing. It will serve at the same time to prevent the flu or colds, because it kills bacteria that can cause illnesses.
To remove the cloth: a problem that affects many women. It applies in parts with a cotton ball and let stand several hours. Rinse and then placed a good moisturizer. Do not hesitate to use blocker or high protection factor when you go to the street as a preventive measure.
To wash the ears: mix a drop of hydrogen peroxide with a little warm water and remove ear wax more easily.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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