Saturday, October 24, 2015

Foods that help us to have strong, healthy teeth

So what are your teeth? In addition to the regular visits to the dentist and the guidelines to keep our oral hygiene, it is essential that we introduce in our diet certain foods that will allow us to have a wonderful smile. Do you feel like?

Foods that help us to have strong, healthy teeth

Foods that take care of your teeth:

As you may know, a correct diet results often with an excellent quality of life, with some suitable nutrients which maintain beautiful skin, a strong hair and why not, healthy teeth. Also the health of your gums will affect directly keep our teeth fixed, which does not suffer classic bleeds whenever we brush our teeth, clear symptoms that should correct any of our nutritional guidelines. Then let's see what foods will help us:

1. Green tea and black tea:

In our space you have spoken often of the great benefits of green tea. A great very powerful antioxidant containing in their composition, these polyphenols that much care for our teeth. These polyphenols are also abundant in black tea, since its main virtue is the lower the growth of bacteria associated with tooth decay and gum disease. Simply magnificent. This fact is endorsed by the University of Illinois, who showed that these natural drinks reduce the buildup of plaque.

2. The benefits of raisins:

Do you usually usually consume the raisins rich? Despite being sweet do not have sucrose or table sugar, which prevents bacteria from adhering to teeth. In addition, we must not overlook the fact that raisins have phytochemicals, which reduce bacterial plaque. They have vitamins, minerals, and also care for our gums. are wonderful!

3. Fruit crisp:

Do you know what are the crunchy fruit called? Apples, pears, and how not, vegetables. They have plenty of water, vitamins, and fiber that manage to mitigate the negative effects of the sugars in food, in turn increasing the production of saliva, which prevents decay. Do not neglect as for example eat onions or celery, since they are large antibacterial. You also neglect the oranges, lemons, kiwis, papayas have... vitamin C and allow us to maintain the collagen of the gums and prevent infections. And what about the Blueberry? If you eat their minerals they allow you to delete stains you may have on the teeth.

Foods that help us to have strong, healthy teeth

4. The cheese:

There are several research studies published in the journal General Dentistry, indicates that for example eating cheddar cheese or natural yogurt without sugar reduces the acidic plaque, which positively increase the production of saliva for example.

5. Sugar free gums:

Sure that you already knew. The benefits of the so-called sugar free gums are ideal to take care of our teeth. Its secret is that manage to increase the secretion of saliva, thus cleaning the bacteria that may be in our teeth. It is useful if you do not brush your teeth in immediate mode.

6. Adequate doses of phosphorus:

Phosphorus is essential for the health and strength of our teeth. Is he who builds his structure and who allows minerals to heal him and give his healthy appearance. Do you know which foods can help you achieve such adequate doses of phosphorus? Notes: almonds, walnuts, all green leafy vegetables as well as the majority of the fish. It is worth to note both for us and for the little ones.

7. The benefits of parsley:

Did you know all that parsley can do for your teeth? This plant has a substance called monoterpene that neutralizes bad breath and that will avoid that we Let's also our salivation fighting thus against our dental plaque bacteria. You can then add a little parsley on your salad and your dishes. It is also rich in iron and gives us strength. It is very good!

Foods that help us to have strong, healthy teeth

8. Sesame seeds:

Have you already tried the delicious sesame seeds? They are ideal, since they allow us to eliminate that annoying dental plaque and thus reconstruct our enamel in a healthier way. We must also not forget that it is rich in calcium and that strengthens so not all our teeth, but also our bones. You can eat these seeds on your salad, you'll see how little by little become indispensable.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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