Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Removes jowls naturally and without surgery

The neck is a part of our body that we tend to have forgotten until we started to notice the passage of time, since a thin neck gives us a more stylized image. There are several issues that influence the appearance of jowls, sagging and overweight, but there are also many natural solutions to reduce it gradually.
In this article we give you the keys to eliminate jowls in a natural way, by performing a few simple exercises and following a few general health tips.

Removes jowls naturally and without surgery

1- There are overweight?

When Gill is not very exaggerated it is possible that it is due to weight gain, so the first step to combat it will be avoid continue getting fatter and, if possible, get a bit of weight. We will achieve that, for example, feeding us way balanced during the day and reducing the amount we eat at the dinner, which is the food that we more fattening.
If this is the reason for our chaps we will confirm it by opening the mouth, and noting if it effectively highlights the double chin.
In addition, we give you these other tips to help you lose weight without great sacrifices:

Increase the consumption of fiber-rich foods: fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds.
Reduce the consumption of fried foods, sugars, dairy cream, cold meats and pastries.
Accompany all meals of a mixed salad.
Drink a glass of water half an hour before each meal.
Chew food well and eat leisurely, savoring food. This will help us to satisfy us before and not eat so much.

2- Are there any sagging?

In other cases Gill is due rather to the sagging of the tissues of the face and neck, and not so much to the fatty tissue. The cause of this double chin is in sudden thins, the passage of time or genetic issues.
In this case we will have to increase the consumption of protein, which is what gives firmness to the tissues. In addition to the protein (meat, fish, eggs, milk) animal should also eat vegetable protein (legumes, nuts, mushrooms, spirulina).
You can also temporarily take a natural homeopathic supplement that will help you balance the firmness of the tissues of your body. Not only the neck but all the muscles in general. Calcium Sulphuricum D6 is called. We will take three pellets under the tongue three times a day, separate meals, drinks and strong and menthol flavors (including chewing gum and toothpaste). We can take it for two months, rest a while and repeat.

3- Exfoliation and hydration:

In both cases, it is very important that don't forget to exfoliate, moisturize and nourish in depth area, to renew the dead skin cells and firm.
Peels can do them with natural products (salt, sugar, sodium bicarbonate) once a week. We gently rub damp skin of the Chin making circles with your fingers, for at least one minute. Then we will clarify, dry and drink plenty of fluids.
The hydration will do it every day, once or twice, with vegetable oils suitable for our type of skin: almond, rosehip, jojoba, coconut, etc. We will seize this moment to massage your skin with this remedy to help eliminate double chins. Well open the hand, separating the thumb and forefinger, and massage paddles the skin tightening a bit, top down.

Removes jowls naturally and without surgery

4- Exercises:

Finally, a fundamental part to reduce jowls, whatever its cause, is exercising daily. Just 10 minutes, but we have to be consistent.
Sitting or standing, carries the look and head toward the ceiling, by lifting the Chin, and when you're at the limit then purse your lips and hold the position for a few seconds. You will notice as the entire neck is stretched.
Gently leads the head to one side, hold a few seconds and then take it to the other.
Place a ball of tennis under the Chin and sustain it by pressing it against the chest. We will be making pressure and releasing the force repeatedly.
Chewing gum is a curious and simple exercise that will also help strengthen all the muscles. But we will avoid that chewing gum is sugar.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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