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Cutting the hair according to the phases of the Moon

You have probably heard a person (especially a woman) saying that it will cut the hair that day because Moon is waxing; Alternatively, refusing to go to the beauty salon because that night there will be full moon. This is because the lunar cycles, according to beliefs and some scientific research, have an important influence on growth. Not only the hair, but also plants, tides, etc.

Cutting the hair according to the phases of the Moon

1- Mysticism or reality:

No doubt there are many stories surrounding the Moon and its phases. Beliefs indicate that there are activities where will we better than others for each cycle. The truth is that if we had no Moon, many of the things that we see on a daily basis would not exist. How is that? As you are reading it, already to the natural satellite of our planet and its magetismo on Earth, influence in States of mood, severity of ailments, growth of fingernails or hair, behavior of animals, etc.
The movements that guide us every day are largely governed by what "makes" the moon. While it is true that there is much scientific confirmation regarding aspects in particular, for example there is a calendar of sowing to the Orchard where you specify which day planting each species taking into account the phases of the Moon and its feature (if the fruits, leaves or bulbs are consumed).
What if it is proven is that in a year, the Moon goes through 13 times the circumference of the Earth, producing 13 lunations. Each one lasts approximately 29 days and is divided into four stages or phases. They can modify the vitality, energy, brainpower, sensitivity, State of mood, mood, pain, etc. It is that each cycle affects with different vibrations for the planet. It can where better you see this is in the tides, since our planet satellite "attracts" the water toward it, according to its phase. When it is growing or shrinking, the tides are smaller (called "dead") and when there is new moon or full the tides are higher ("alive"). The most intense occur at new moon because it also kicks in the Sun and its influence.
The relationship between beauty and health and the phases of the Moon is being studied long ago. Something of what is knowable on the matter is that, for example, if a woman shaves are in Gibbous phase, subsequent growth will be much slower and weak, something that does not occur in extensive language phase. Precisely at this stage is when there is more chance of bleeding, by which the menstrual period usually more intense and painful and are not recommended to perform surgery or extractions of teeth at this stage, but wait until he is in decline.

Cutting the hair according to the phases of the Moon

2- Haircut in relation to the phases of the Moon:

New Moon (or first): is when the Moon is not visible to us because it is located between the Sun and the Earth. Only seen when there is a total eclipse of the Sun. At this stage is not recommended to perform any type of haircut which is harmful to the strand stage, weakening of the capillary fibers and biggest decline.
Moon in fourth extensive language: the output of the star on the horizon is produced by East at 12 noon (not official astronomical time). Zenith occurs at 6 o'clock in the evening and sunset at 12 o'clock. The illuminated part has a semi circle shape or a circle split down the middle. If you want your hair to grow faster and is very strong, cut you into this lunar phase. It is also a good time to cut the ends that are dry or "flowered", which will help improve the general structure of the capillaries. It is preferable to cutting the hair between the 12 noon and 6 p.m., when there is a progressive increase in the lunar attraction.
Full moon (or full moon): is when the concavity of the light side of the Moon is seen in its entirety, i.e. a full circle. The output on the horizon takes place at 6 p.m., the zenith is reached at midnight and is hidden at 6 in the morning. Mark just half of the lunar month (composed of 14 days, 18 hours, 21 minutes and 36 seconds). This is the ideal time to get a great haircut. If your hair is very damaged, abused, dry and without gloss or life, please do not hesitate to take advantage of the full moon to cut it. This favors that grow more abundant, healthy, shiny and strong. The Court must be between 6 o'clock in the morning and the midday, preferably a day before full moon or the same day that this phase begins.
Last quarter: it is equal to the Moon in fourth extensive language but is in the opposite direction. His departure on the horizon occurs at 12 o'clock, reaches the zenith at 6 in the morning and sunset at noon of 12, corresponding to the period during which can see it even in the day. Women who have a lot of hair and too much volume, cut it at this stage. That way gets it not to grow so rapidly and the look can be longer. He made the cut between 6 o'clock in the morning and the midday, when it descends the lunar attraction.
To know the phases of the moon with accuracy, it is necessary to observe a timetable.
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