Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ways to prevent a stroke

Did you know that the consequences of a brain flow can become so severe that they can even cause death? It is precisely for this reason that this time we will see the best way to prevent a stroke, so let's know the symptoms that can alert us and that way we can be much more attentive to any risk.

Ways to prevent a stroke

1- Why is it there?

A stroke occurs when the blood vessels that are located within the brain are plugged, either by the presence of a clot or bleeding of any kind. The symptoms depend on the severity of each case.

2- Its main symptoms:

When a stroke has been several areas of the body and the senses, are affected mainly memory, mobility, speech, behavior and even thoughts. These symptoms, as well as some signs that can warn that something doesn't go well, may occur suddenly or in some cases may be so slow for a few hours, days or weeks.

3- Signs of a possible stroke:

Weakness or sudden paralysis in the face or on one side of the body
Difficulty speaking or understanding
Blurred vision
Very strong and sudden headache with a very high blood pressure
Loss of balance or muscle control
If you present these signs, it's an emergency! And therefore seek urgent medical help, because more is soon taken care are more likely to repair the damage without greater consequences.

4- Recommendations to prevent a stroke:

Ways to prevent a stroke

Maintain good control of blood pressure:

When blood pressure is greater than 130 - 80, becomes a factor of very high risk to suffer a stroke. As high pressure does not cause symptoms, it is essential to ask for an appointment and ask the doctor a proper examination to verify that blood pressure is in the normal levels, otherwise surely professional that you're trying to make the relevant recommendations. Some of them will be, mainly, in regards to food and changes in habits of life, as for example physical exercise and quit smoking or drinking alcohol - in the event that you do-.
Only if it is absolutely necessary and if the pressure has reached a point of uncontrollable physician will send some medicines.

Control your weight:

If a person is overweight, it is important to try to get those pounds more, since this is another risk factor for suffering a stroke. The proper way to reduce the overweight is through a good physical activity and do everything possible to maintain a healthy diet, in which fruits and vegetables are present trying the best to avoid foods rich in fats and sugars.

Ways to prevent a stroke

Healthy eating:

A diet balanced which is them priority to healthy food really do make the difference, since we are protecting us from the risk of suffering a stroke, diabetes, high cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, among other things.
Order to maintain a healthy diet, avoid fried foods and fast foods, increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fish, chicken or Turkey.
Remember... "Better safe than sorry"
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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