Thursday, October 22, 2015

Clean the liver to lose weight

A good cleaning in the liver involves taking some supplements to improve the functions of this body. There are different 'recipes' for cleaning, all include oils, or salts or juice or natural supplements. When your liver is clean, you'll be healthier, because you can delete everything "is not necessary".

Clean the liver to lose weight

1- What to know about cleaning the liver?

First, you must know what are the effects that has this technique. It is elected by those who wish to lose weight either which have suffered any damage in this body. Obesity or overweight is the result of eating more, so the Agency is storing food, but first transforms them into fat. When there is liver damage we suffer from inadequate urination, obstruction of the gallbladder, loose stools or constipation, all for an accumulation of unnecessary toxic materials. When cleaning the liver this is removed. Supplements taken during treatment will help that the body continues to meet its role and how much higher and functional is your metabolism, the greater the possibility of that windowsill.
Liver cleansing is an effective method to lose weight, it should not be used in an inappropriate way or only for that purpose. Before treatment, it is good that you talk to a doctor and you reports on the ingredients that you can or not eat. Remember that it is not to cure diseases or liver complications. And you do not abuse the cleaning because it is not good for your health. If you want it to repeat, wait a reasonable time to do so.
There are different recipes that you can use to clean the liver, helping to increase the intestinal movement for both this body as the gallbladder removed everything that does not serve them. During cleaning not recommended for many activities, not to lift too much weight and possible stay home. Do not lie down immediately after consuming the chosen recipe because you can feel dizziness, nausea, or vomiting.

2- Why is it necessary to do a liver cleanse?

Basically by the lifestyle we live, disorderly and unbalanced food we consume and the lack of exercise or sport. The liver generates greater grease and then stores it in excess. It is important to do a liver Detox Diet from time to time to improve your liver function and increase your energy levels. Until you can have more willingness to do physical activity, get up earlier, perform better at work or College, etc.
In general, you will feel much better in several respects, some say that they changed the type of skin, they stopped having acne for example, and the majority of those who tried this cleaning claim which serves to lose weight.

3- How to clean the liver?

Remember the work that makes every day this body so does accumulate toxins, by what the idea it is to eliminate these negative waste. The process can repeat up to three times a year. Keep in mind the following recipes for effective liver cleansing:

With garlic and Ginger grapefruit juice: get this procedure during her weekend. It will also help you strengthen your lymphatic system. You need two Grapefruits, four lemons, two cloves of garlic, a slice of root ginger, 300 ml of distilled water and two tablespoons of olive oil. Squeezing the Grapefruits and lemons, grate the ginger and garlic press. Place all ingredients in Blender and mix well. Drink before sleeping at night.
Orange juice, garlic and olive oil: what you need is a fourth Cup of olive oil, one-fourth Cup of juice freshly squeezed orange, half a tablespoon of grated ginger and half a tablespoon of minced garlic. Beat in a blender and drink before going to sleep. Lie down on the right side. It must be repeated for three nights.

Clean the liver to lose weight

4- Foods that will help you to detoxify the liver:

In addition to the two recipes above, can, a week before and the other after, prepare your body and keep you on the path to "natural" or detoxifying. To do this, it is advisable to eat the following foods:

Whole grains: they have vitamin B and improve the metabolism of fats and liver function
Green tea: has many antioxidants (catechins), useful to assist the liver
Grapes: you provide natural sugars and many antioxidants, in turn activating the function of cleaning the liver and bile production.
Apples: they have a lot of pectin and chemical components that help the body to eliminate toxins from the digestive tract.
Carrots and beets: have many flavonoids and beta carotene, that stimulate liver function
Green leafy vegetables: they are a fantastic allies to clean the liver due to the chlorophyll that absorbs toxins from the blood stream and protect this important organ
Olive oil: is useful if it is used in moderate amounts
Eggplant: this is a digestive tonic, which serves to activate the functions of the gallbladder
Escarole and endive: both have a substance of bitter taste which serves to empty the gallbladder naturally
Avocado: protects the liver from the about toxic burdens and increases the cleaning power of the treatment you choose.
As latest recommendations: reduce the portions you eat, avoid alcohol, red meat, dairy products and refined products, drink enough water and performs a moderate exercise routine.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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