Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to reduce salt intake without starving tasty

High blood pressure or water retention are two of the most common causes that we are forced to reduce salt consumption, but the truth is that there are many people who wish to reduce their consumption because they know that it shall not abuse it, but not wanting to give up a tasty meal.
In this article you will learn some important things when choosing salt, as well as healthy alternatives that allow you to reduce your usage without sacrificing the taste of a good meal.

How to reduce salt intake without starving tasty

1- Healthy salt:

We usually refer to the salt in general, but it is however very important that we can differentiate, just as we have white sugar and brown sugar, also we have a refined salt and a comprehensive salt. The refined salt is commonly known as table salt, and is simply processed without any nutrient more sodium chloride, and also usually contain additives such as anti-caking agents. On the other hand, the integral salt contains all the vitamins and minerals, since it has not been refined. And in fact it has a different texture and taste.
The most well known and inexpensive is sea salt, but you can also find others:

Grey salt from Guérande
Himalayan pink salt
Hawaiian red salt
Black salt from Hawaii
Celtic salt
Salt Persian blue
Actually, these salts have different colors because they have not been treated, and for this reason are much healthier. Any of them we can get will be just as healthy and there is no need to seek those which are more expensive.
All these salts are better assimilated in our body than the refined salt, so small amounts, we will obtain greater benefits.

2- Sea water:

Sea water is sold in some stores of natural products and supermarkets not only for use in the kitchen but also for its therapeutic benefits. It does not not only raises blood pressure, but it helps us to regulate and eliminate fluids of our body. It works as a balancing, and therefore will always be our first choice. Sea water allows us to Salt Lake:

Soups, creams, or stews, replacing a part of the sea water by water
The cooking of pasta and rice water
Salads and cold dishes, adding seawater to the condiment or dressing
Vegetable juices and gazpacho
Salty masses, such as breads or pizzas
We will incorporate always seawater to our feed in a progressive manner, since it also has a laxative effect which can be strong if we punch in large quantity.

How to reduce salt intake without starving tasty

3- Spices:

Spice flavoring our dishes and allow us to add less salt. Some of the most common are:

In addition, most of them also have digestive properties. I.e., in addition to contimentar dishes helps us digest food better.
We can use some even fresh, which are still more aromatic.
We can create a simple salt grass milling herbs with sea salt, and preserving prepared in a tightly closed glass jar.

4- Garlic:

Garlic is an excellent food with a strong flavor. Although many people don't like them because they do not Digest well or causes bad breath, if we use it in small quantities for contimentar we will enhance the taste of the dishes.
We can also add a few cloves of garlic to a bottle of olive oil, let it marinate a couple of weeks, and use it in all kinds of dishes.

5- Lemon:

The lemon is ideal for dressing salads and meat and fish dishes. Not only because it enhances flavor and we avoid us to add much salt, but also because it helps us to better Digest fats and to better assimilate the nutrients. In cases of anemia, for example, the vitamin C in the lemon helps us to better absorb iron from food.

How to reduce salt intake without starving tasty

6- Vinegar:

Vinegar is another food that enhances the flavor of food and also helps us to digest it, but we must always use it in small quantities, especially if we suffer from heartburn or gastric ulcers, since it could cause us more heartburn.
We especially recommend Apple Cider vinegar and umeboshi vinegar, always choosing those who are of good quality, naturally fermented.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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