Saturday, October 24, 2015

6 quick preparation snacks and fat-free

Comes a time of day when you want to eat everything that raze with what there is in the refrigerator, which don't mind mixing sweet with salty, you can't wait for it to come to dinner, or anxiety and boredom were stronger. But clearly, that's one of the reasons why you can not lose weight. Try these delicious recipes from salty and healthy snacks, to avoid eating anything.

6 quick preparation snacks and fat-free

1- Vegetarian bagel:

For this recipe you can use any type of bread but must be toasted. Try one integral or multi grain. At the same time, you'll need:

1 slice of cheese
1 tablespoon mustard
2 tablespoons cream cheese
4 tomato slices
8 slices of cucumber
sprouts from alfalfa or bean sprouts
salt and pepper
Toasting bread bagel and then spread cream cheese on one half and the other, with mustard. Add the slice of cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes. Finally, position the sprouted wheat or soybean sprouts. Season to taste.

2- Broccoli chips:

One more healthy vegetables in the world must be within a recipe low calorie snacks. It is offering broccoli calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, fiber, potassium and much more. First, seasoned broccoli and placed in the oven to cook and which are well dried. It separates the stem of leaves and cut into small bits. Place in a bowl and add olive oil. You can add some seeds so that they have better taste.

6 quick preparation snacks and fat-free

3- Hummus and vegetable sandwich:

It is a very healthy recipe, which you can prepare in minutes. If you want, you can have already prepared hummus (keep it in the refrigerator for 5 days without any problems). It is grinding chickpeas with lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and paprika. This healthy sandwich you'll also need:

2 slices of wholemeal bread
6 slices of cucumber
half avocado
medium grated carrot
6 slices of tomato
1 handful of alfalfa and bean sprouts and radishes
salt and pepper
Toasting bread and covered with the hummus. Add the vegetables and season. It covers and enjoy.

4- Croquettes of corn (ear):

This is a delicious recipe and that you can leave in the refrigerator a few days to enjoy whenever you like. You will need two whole corn, half chopped onion, 1 tablespoon of chopped garlic, medium chopped green pepper, 1 scrambled egg, 1 tablespoon chopped cilantro, Cup of flour, salt, pepper and oil.
Cook the corn and then separates the Granites. Mix in a bowl with pepper, garlic, cilantro and onion. Add the egg and flour. Season. Place in refrigerator 1 hour. FRY in butter or oil (sparingly). Place on a paper towel and eat hot or cold. You can accompany with cream cheese.

5- Quesadillas with onion and cheese:

For this simple and delicious recipe, you'll need the flour tortillas are sold in all markets or the pita bread or pita. In addition, 6 tablespoons of cheese cream, 1 roasted pepper, 1 mango, red onion, cilantro and 2 tablespoons of butter.
Roast the peppers and let stand, then you peel it and cut it into slices. Sprinkle cheese cream in four tortillas. Add the mango cut into cubes and sliced Purple Onion. Then the cilantro to taste. Cover with another tortilla to make it like a sandwich. Bake until golden brown on both sides.

6 quick preparation snacks and fat-free

6- Vegetables with cheese dressing:

This recipe can be a snack as a starter. The children will love. Precise:

half a kilo of potatoes
half a kilo of sweet potatoes
half a kilo of carrots
olive oil
salt, pepper
cream cheese
lemon zest
Pepper roast
Peel and cut all vegetables into thin slices. Weapon condiments mixed with garlic and lemon cream cheese. Place on a baking a base of potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots and pour over the dressing of cheese. Another layer and then seasoning of pepper (with a red pepper and a roasted garlic blended with cream cheese). So until you finish the ingredients. It leads to the oven until vegetables are tender.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.