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How to cure a urinary tract infection naturally

It is a condition that is very frequent in the urinary tract. It can occur in the bladder, kidneys, ureters and urethra. Then you know the causes of this problem and how to cure it naturally in the next article.

How to cure a urinary tract infection naturally

1- Characteristics of urinary tract infection:

Infection in the urinary tract, as I said above, can occur in different parts of the urinary tract:
Bladder: referred to as cystitis or bladder infection.
Kidneys: can be in one or both kidneys and is called pyelonephritis, or renal infection.
In the ureters: only in exceptional cases the tubes that carry urine from the kidney to the bladder get infected.
In the urethra: is called urethritis and occurs in the tube that empties urine away from the bladder.
The causes of urinary tract infection, in the vast majority of cases, is due to the bacteria that enter the urethra and bladder, where more is developed, even if it is not treated it can spread to the kidneys. In a large percentage of the patients body gets rid of bacteria organically, but certain conditions can increase the risk of these infections.
For example, women tend to suffer more UTIs than men because the urethra is shorter. In addition, more likely who have them after sexual intercourse or use a birth control as it is the diaphragm. Menopausal women are more likely to suffer an infection of this type.
Other factors that also increase the chances of urinary tract infection are:
Advanced age.
Alzheimer's disease.
bladder probe.
Bowel incontinence.
Enlarged prostate.
Narrow urethra.
Kidney stones.
The urinary bladder infection symptoms:

Sometimes with blood or foul or strong-smelling cloudy urine.
Low-grade fever.
Pain or burning with urination.
Strong need to urinate all the time.
Pressure or cramping in the back or underside of the abdomen.
Bladder feeling full, but little urinating.
If the infection spreads to the kidneys, symptoms are:
Cold sweats.
Pain in the back or groin.
Hot or reddened skin.
Severe abdominal pain.

How to cure a urinary tract infection naturally

2- Natural remedies for urinary tract infection:

Get an infusion with birch leaves 25 grams per liter of water, leave for 10 minutes, strain and drink up to three cups a day.
Mix a handful of each of these herbs: Marshmallow, plantain, yarrow, nettle and goldenrod (parts areas). Extract 1 tablespoon, crush and pour in a jug with boiling water. Cover, let stand for 15 minutes, strain and drink 2 cups a day.
Boil 20 grams of barley with a liter of water. When the boil, take 20 grams of Juniper. Let fire slow a few more minutes. He rests covered 15 minutes, strain and drink up to three cups per day.
In one liter of water mix four tablespoons of each of these ingredients: calendula, flax, ponytail-thyme seeds. Put to boil for 10 minutes, cover and let stand for 15 minutes. Strain the liquid and get baths up to 2 times a day.
Pour a tablespoon of celery seed in a cup of boiling water, cover and let cool for 10 minutes. Drink until it cools completely.
Tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water, baby once a day. Before you have to drink two glasses of water alone.
Peel an Apple and removed the heart, cut into slices. Removes the skin of a banana and cut into slices. Mix in a blender with a glass of water and drink, preferably on an empty stomach.
Make a smoothie by mixing two cups of fresh blueberries, a slice of watermelon and half a cup of cherries, all washed and seeded.Drink immediately.
Heat half a kilo of cherries with their capes, a Ban-Marie. Removing the bones when they are tender and passes through the sieve the remaining. Add a tablespoon of honey, saves it in a glass with hermetic lid jar, consumed two tablespoons a day.
You are taking two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil every day. You can also drink a cup of coco before breakfast and another water before sleeping.
Peeling two cloves of garlic and mash them. Add a cup of hot water, let stand for five minutes and drinks. Repeat up to three times a day.
Two tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar diluted in one liter of water. Drink throughout the day.
Peel an onion and split it into four parts. Make them boil half a liter of water, for 20 minutes. Removed from the fire and let stand 8 hours. Then strain and drink the broth. Help you to urinate more and to kill bacteria.
Pour two tablespoons of leaves of Basil in a cup of boiling water, let stand 10 minutes and drink two times a day for 48 hours.
Make a Smoothie with two cups of Blueberry Juice, a cup of Pomegranate juice, a cup of papaya cut into small squares (can also be melon), Cup of lemon juice and a tablespoon of ginger juice or a small slice zest. You can add six ice cubes and drink up to 5 cups per day.
Make an infusion with a cup of boiling water and a tablespoon of chopped parsley leaves. Let stand for 15 minutes and then sweetened with honey. Drink up to three cups per day.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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