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How to speed up your metabolism to lose weight

Although you've inherited the metabolism of your family, you are not doomed to settle with him and live with overweight and discomfort involved. It is always possible to modify our metabolism and have to work with us and not against us. Some studies have shown that each of these councils accelerates your metabolism, making your body lose weight more quickly, healthy and natural in less time and with less effort.

How to speed up your metabolism to lose weight

1- Something nutritious breakfast every day:

Eat something nutritious breakfast (such as an omelet with spinach and feta cheese with a slice of toasted bread) shortly after waking up will cause your metabolism to begin work immediately and correctly. According to a study carried out by the national registry of United States weight Control with 5000 patients who implemented the healthy breakfast in their daily life, weight loss can be up to 30 kilos in 5 years.
This is because breakfast gives you energy to the body and it ceases to accumulate fat, instead began to work with the food we give and low weight in a natural way. It is also recommended that cenes light, since during the night several hours we spent in fasting and body will accumulate the greater amount of fat that can.

2- Add green tea to your diet:

Green tea is known for its antioxidant properties, but it has also been found recently that helps speed up metabolism, and therefore to lose weight quickly. Researchers from several universities have been studies with various groups of people to determine the benefits of this tea. One of the results was that those who started the habit of drinking green tea fell weight more rapidly than others since it facilitates fat oxidation and Thermogenesis. The ideal amount is 5 cups of green tea per day, which considerably increases the energy of the body with only 90 calories.

3- Eat foods rich in omega 3:

We already know that eating fish rich in fatty acids omega 3 (such as salmon or tuna) accelerates your metabolism, as well as regulate blood sugar levels and reduce other problems (such as inflammation). But some studies that have been conducted recently have found that these fatty acids also help to reduce the resistance to leptin, a hormone that facilitates weight loss. When you do not like eating fish or you prefer other alternatives, you can add a daily supplement of omega-3 containing between 1,000 and 2,000 milligrams or some nuts to get the same benefits.

4- Do not dispose of all the calories from your diet:

We have the idea that those who eliminate more calories of food, manage to lose weight more easily. Although this may be true in the beginning, when our body realizes that we are giving you less calories, begins to increase its energy reserves to accumulate fat. For this reason, eat more accelerates your metabolism if you choose healthy foods and provide you nutrients. It is also important that you do not spend long periods of fasting. It is ideal to eat 6 times a day (300 calories each time), instead of two too large meals or high caloric value.

How to speed up your metabolism to lose weight

5- Add different intensities exercise:

The next time you perform exercise (walking, swimming, running, etc.) adds some 30-second intervals in which you increase the intensity and then returns to the normal intensity. These slight changes will make your body to consume more energy, considerably strengthens the ability of cells to regenerate, and helps them to have a greater oxygenation. This also you can exercise less time but the objectives desired much faster. These intervals you can add to any sport you do.

6- Take a rest after exercise:

The exercise is a gift that we can do to our bodies and our health, but also can cause a very severe fatigue when it is too intense. Although the exercise helps speed up metabolism, a key element to this is the proper rest that allows our body to return to its state of total calm. It is important that the amount of calories that you burn with exercise is greater than the amount you eat, this will help you to lose weight more effectively.

7- Avoid trans fats:

We have all heard how bad that are this type of fat, but also reduce your body's natural ability to burn fat. This is because that they alter our cells and lengthen our metabolism. If this was little, can also generate resistance to insulin and inflammation. So it eliminates trans fats from your diet, speeds up your metabolism and low weight.

8- Increase protein intake:

Our bodies take longer to digest foods rich in protein than the rich in fat or carbohydrates. This means that when you eat protein you feel satisfied longer, your metabolism is still working and burning fat to achieve this. This results in a considerable acceleration of your metabolism and hunger reduction. In addition, has been shown that eating protein allows you to gain muscle instead of fat.

How to speed up your metabolism to lose weight

9- Speeds up your metabolism with a good diet:

Genetics mark some features of our body, but with some changes we can take control of what we want to change and succeed. Accelerate metabolism means that it works faster, burn more calories and arrive or we will keep in our ideal weight.
By following these tips, we give the opportunity to our staying healthy naturally and self-regulatory agency. This is much more healthy than prove complicated diets that produce few results or follow a bad diet that we get sick.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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