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Healthy juices to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides

High cholesterol is a reality that affects almost half of the adult population, statistics give us a very worrying picture in this disease that advances a silent mode, and that normally, we do not pay too much attention.
Not painful, it is not noticed, but little by little those excess fat will be installing in our arteries, hardening them, favoring the emergence of atherosclerosis or cerebrovascular accidents that could have been avoided in some way if we would have cared a little more our diet and lifestyle.
Will always be our doctor who will tell us after the relevant reports, and evaluating the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) and so-called bad cholesterol (LDL), if we must begin to take a treatment and change our diet, something basic and essential, because although the cholesterol itself is a lipid necessary for our body, its excesses are almost always fatal for our body , that is why we should take it seriously and correct our eating habits.
To help you in your diet you provide today simple recipes so you can make nutritious and healthy juices which will help you to lower cholesterol, therefore must be constant and take them on a daily basis, use always amazing properties that give us natural foods.

Healthy juices to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides

1- Basic guidelines for lowering your cholesterol:

What to eat: the dietitians recommend us consumption of at least of 15 to 30 grams of fiber a day, mostly soluble fiber that allows the absorption of fats and sugars is slower, regulating thereby cholesterol. Essential for legumes, oats, barley, fruits such as banana, apples, strawberries... reminds also consume healthy fats from oily fish, of the oil olive and nuts such as walnuts...
What not to eat: avoid how can saturated fats and industrial food, as well as red meat, sausages, dairy products, fried foods, alcohol, sweets. Remind you also that you take care of not consuming too much fruit, since fructose has a relevant role in the formation of triglycerides.

Healthy juices to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides

2- Juice of red beets and red fruits:

To reduce cholesterol is essential to consume vegetables, and an ideal way of achieving this is by juices and smoothies. In this case the properties of beet or beetroot are perfect to reduce cholesterol, as well as strawberries, rich in antioxidants.


A beet or beetroot
Half a cup of strawberries
A handful of blueberries.
Juice from two oranges.
A tablespoon of oat bran.


Cleans well blueberries, strawberries and beetroot, cut them into small pieces and take them to the mixer, including oats and orange juice.
Now add half a glass of water and again beat until it is homogeneous and smooth.
It is better to consume it on an empty stomach in the morning and every day, it will help you to lower cholesterol.

Healthy juices to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides

3- Artichoke juice:

The artichoke is one of the vegetables with more medicinal properties, including their property to reduce cholesterol, regulate blood pressure and take care of our heart.


The heart of an artichoke already steamed (for it will have caught previously its most tender leaves, which are always in the heart of the artichoke).
2 stalks of celery.
Medium chopped garlic,
Half a glass of water.


We take all the ingredients, including water, and carry them to the mixer where we mix them well to obtain a homogeneous juice.
You can take this artichoke juice twice a day, in the morning and at dinner, for example. It is without a doubt a perfect juice to reduce cholesterol and regulate hypertension.

Healthy juices to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides

4- Pineapple and lemon juice:

The pineapple is another key element to reduce cholesterol, in addition to its many properties, if we accompany it with lemon will become so refreshing as healthy juice, a perfect cocktail for these parties to you for example, serve as the perfect companion after those meals somewhat heavy in holiday seasons.


800 grams of clean pineapple cut into slices.
The juice of three lemons.
A remotely of clove.
Half a tablespoon of cinnamon.
2 liters of water.


Liquefy the pineapple together with a glass of water.
Elsewhere in water including species and lemon juice, stir well.
Once we have liquefied the pineapple, we already took him along with the rest of water with species mixing it well to obtain a homogeneous good juice.
We now leave the juice in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, it's a very refreshing juice that you can serve you after meals as a cocktail, is very pleasant and refreshing, eliminates toxins and will serve to digest meals better and reduce cholesterol.
Concluded by saying that these juices can help you whenever you are constant in its consumption, to this add you have a balanced diet and practicing a bit of sport every day, your health and your quality of life will notice significantly.
Try this easy and useful homemade recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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