Friday, October 23, 2015

Recommendations to clean your liver

The liver is one of the most important of our body organs, as largely health and vitality that we have every day is it must to their functions. The liver acts as a filtration system of our body, which is responsible for filtering waste from the blood, remove toxins, and this prevent us from many diseases. However, every day our liver is overloaded work, already that different factors as food, pollution, chemicals, medicines and in general bad lifestyles, are generating a deterioration of its functions, making toxins accumulate and deriving many other health problems.
Taking into account that the health of this body is synonymous with good health at a general level, it is very important that we pay you more attention and try to keep it clean to prevent disease. Then you give the key recommendations to clean your liver naturally.

Recommendations to clean your liver

1- Reduce the consumption of alcohol and caffeine:

Excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine can impair the proper functioning of the liver, largely since this generates excessive accumulation of toxins and other harmful substances that affect the health of this body. It is very important to reduce the consumption of these two substances and opt to drink healthier water and natural juices.

2- Eating good quantities of water:

Experts have always recommended to drink at least two liters of water per day, since this helps cleanse the liver and kidneys, promoting cell regeneration. When we ingest water we are hydrating our liver and also improve their performance when it comes to filtering much waste and impure substances.

3- Drinking lemon juice:

The lemon is a full of health benefits, being one of the best tonics food we can find. Research has found that drinking lemon juice stimulates the generation and production of bile, a compound that enhances the process of elimination of toxins. The lemon juice is very good for the health of our liver and also has other health properties; Ideally, drink the juice of a lemon in warm water, preferably on an empty stomach.

Recommendations to clean your liver

4- Avoid refined foods:

Salt, sugars and refined flours, usually present in many of the foods that we consume on a daily basis and that many do not know is that this worsens the health of the liver. When this kind of food we consume too much, our liver transforms them into fat and cholesterol, worsening its functions, making that we increase weight and elevating triglycerides in the blood, which, among other things, also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

5- Green tea to clean:

Green tea is a rich in antioxidants (mainly catechins) source, which stimulates the functions of the liver, promoting the Elimination of fat. Its properties help to naturally purify our body, our vital organs function improvement and also helps us to lose weight. This famous tea is considered to be one of the best allies for the cleaning of the liver.

6- Prepare natural smoothies:

Natural Smoothies are a great choice to clean the liver naturally and remove toxins that build up in our body. Most Smoothies are prepared with fruits and vegetables full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, that promote the proper functioning of the liver, combating free radicals and stimulates the Elimination of all those wastes that accumulate by bad diets and other unhealthy habits. Among those recommended to prepare natural Smoothies are raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, carrot, beet, leafy green, among others.

7- Changes in lifestyle:

To avoid our liver is impaired by the accumulation of toxins and pollutants, it is very important to a healthy diet, exercise regularly, avoid excessive use of chemicals and chew the food well.

Recommendations to clean your liver

8- Contraindications:

People who are taking some kind of medicine for the health of the liver, should avoid becoming a natural cleansing and prior consultation with the doctor.
It is also important to consult a doctor in case of pregnancy, diabetes, low sugar, eating disorders and heart problems.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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