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How flavoring of inexpensive and healthy way to our home

A clean and well ventilated home has no why suffer from odors, but sometimes, because of moisture, poor natural ventilation, someone who smokes at home or simply by flavoring the room, we seek products that help us give some aroma to the rooms.
In this article you will learn types of scenters natural and beneficial health properties, so you can try them and choose what you want to smell your home. Do you know the essential oils, incense, resins or Lignum-vitae? And even some completely free and natural flavors.

How flavoring of inexpensive and healthy way to our home

1- Essential oils:

The first air freshener which we highlight, the most natural and therapeutic, are essential oils, which are oily essences extracted from plants (flowers, leaves, stems, roots, etc.). Sold concentrates and few drops are used increasingly. These are the most common:
Citrus (Orange, grapefruit and Tangerine...): they have a delicious aroma and help to improve mood and fight depression.
Lemon: it has the properties of citrus fruits and also brings freshness and cleaning the environment. Fight germs.
Lavender: it has relaxing effects.
Mint: energizing and refreshing, ideal for stays too warm.
Eucalyptus: it gives a very natural air to stay and help us to improve breathing problems.
Cananga-odorata: exciting, exotic and aphrodisiac
How do we use them?
In the market there are aromatic diffusers, but that may be a bit expensive, but they are a good investment.
On the other hand, have burners that also help distribute the aromas simply with the help of a candle and a little oil vegetable (olive or almond) in which we will add a few drops of essential oil.
Finally, a very cost-effective way of using them is spread two essential on top of a light bulb oil droplets when it is turned off. To turn on, the heat from the bulb come off the scent gently.
When we buy essential oils must make sure that they are completely natural and not artificial scents without therapeutic properties.

2- Incense and resins:

Incense and resins are widely used in Eastern cultures, because they were traditionally used to bring serenity and clean environments. They are very simple to use:
Incense: simply turn them on and off the flame so you go burning and releasing the aroma.
Resins: we will have to put a lump of coal burning, which we will light. Resin will be on top of the charcoal.
But each one has its benefits according to the main ingredient. We highlight the main:
Cinnamon: stimulant and aphrodisiac.
Patchouli: it brings serenity and sensuality.
Sandalwood: lifts the spirit, relaxes and promotes meditative States.
Myrrh: it has relaxing properties, gives optimism and confidence.
Cedar: It purifies the environment.
Benzoin: cleaner of negative energies.
Vanilla: aroma sweet and delicate with aphrodisiac properties.
Rose: it brings serenity and combat States of sadness.
It is important to always buy incense and resins of quality, so the ingredients are truly therapeutic, and not essences artificial resulting even toxic to our health.
The incense is not the most appropriate air freshener for those who do not support the smoke, generates it in large quantity.

3- Lignum-vitae:

Lignum-vitae, considered a sacred wood, deserves a mention apart thanks to its many properties:
Removes negative energies and attract the positive
It brings serenity and combat stress
It is an aphrodisiac
It improves respiratory diseases such as asthma
It naturally repels mosquitoes
Therapeutically, it also has diuretic, depurative and antirheumatic properties
It eliminates germs due to its antiseptic, antiviral effects and antirheumatic.
To use it we will light a sprig of Lignum-vitae wood and let it burn for a few moments. Its aroma is delicious and with very small amount we will provide a pleasant smell.

How flavoring of inexpensive and healthy way to our home

4- Other economic shock absorbers:

There are still more economical ways to scent a room:
Fresh herbs such as Rosemary, mint or thyme branches.
Natural flowers such as jasmine, rose or the valet.
A decoction of the leaves and berries of eucalyptus or cinnamon.
A citrus punctured with clove seeds.
You will find all these products in health and natural food stores.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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