Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The benefits of running twice a week

For everyone, it is not very pleasant to go jogging daily as a way of exercising, however is very important to know that this is one of the physical exercises that further benefit to the body, since it manages to activate the great majority of organs and helps to keep them healthy and strong.
In this opportunity we will know some good reasons to encourage us to perform this practice at least 2 times a week and keep good health in general.

The benefits of running twice a week

1- It prevents bone and heart problems:

Some research has been able to discover to take the healthy habit of running moderately at least two or three times a week, can help prolong life, it is a great activity that can keep in optimum conditions the health of bones, since it prevents the loss of bone mass. In the same way helps in a very effective way to control blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease by keeping arteries healthy high percentage.

2- It helps maintain ideal weight:

This activity it starts to move virtually throughout the body, which is very important to maintain a proper body weight, also aid in a surprising way to tone the muscles of the legs and buttocks, which makes the figure is quite nice.

3- It generates happiness and peace of mind in people:

All persons engaged in practicing the career as sport or simply as a way to exercise, are agreed that this is the best way to forget problems and feel peace of mind, and maybe a little joy, especially if we run after having had a dislike or feel depressed.
If we do so we can experience a great feeling of well-being, since running releases a substance called endorphin's, which is responsible to the brain that mentioned welfare.

The benefits of running twice a week

4- It helps develop creativity:

As a large number of investigations carried out in this respect, it can be said that running helps to stimulate the brain, since resistance cardio-respiratory, increases which can undoubtedly increase blood flow that reaches the brain, resulting in ease of learning and, in addition, increasing the capacity to create, since he gets to work the imagination in a way quite quickly and effectively.
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