Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10 Keys to lose weight eating better

Counting calories to lose weight is a deceptive system, since it has not found all the factors that influence weight loss, health, and the balance of a person. It is very different to eating 100 calories of Apple to 100 calories of ice cream, Apple also has fiber, for example, that helps us to eliminate fat.
We explain the real keys to lose weight in a healthy way, without great sacrifices and always bearing in mind our health.

10 Keys to lose weight eating better

1- Chew food thoroughly:

Digestion starts in the mouth, since saliva contains enzymes that begin the digestive process. More to chew food, we better attract them and, in addition, eat fewer. It is shown that hard hunger between 15 and 20 minutes. If we ate without haste, spent that time won't need to keep eating.

2- Do not fill us too:

We have to educate our stomach, since this will be adapted to the quantities that we usually give. In addition, we will have to avoid passing that moment where we eat by eating. It is not very difficult to get used to not fill us entirely, if not staying a little bit hungry. A trick for when us cost consists of taking a digestive infusion after food.

3- Do not mix too much food:

Combine many different in the same food foods, as it is the case usually in banquets and celebrations, is one of the things that cause more weight gain and also affect our health. Although there will always be exceptions, we will try whenever possible to a meal included some vegetable, some carbohydrates and some of protein.

4- Choose whole grain foods:

Us costs nothing always opt for the integral. Palate also educates, and it is possible that in the long run even enjoy more than the flavor of the whole foods, that are not only rich in fiber and are more satiating, but also contain more vitamins and minerals.

10 Keys to lose weight eating better

5- Not take desserts food:

Desserts in food hinder digestion and get fat much more than if we take them, for example, morning or middle late. The fruit is not suitable, by its sugar content, with the exception of the Apple and pear, which are two fruits that we can combine in a food.

6- Watch out for dinner:

The saying we should have breakfast as Kings, eaten like Princes and dine as poor. And it should be, since the pace we brand energy expenditure that we need in every moment, and everything that we eat in the evening usually no longer spend it, so you should dine light and early, preferably before 8 o'clock. In addition, in the hours of the early morning is when according to traditional Chinese medicine work the liver and gallbladder, so not we be digesting a meal so they can be regenerated successfully.

7- What we eat between meals?

Many people are hungry often, since your metabolism is certainly quick. What can you eat? Fruit, nuts and dried fruits, pancakes of rice or corn, natural smoothies, gelatin with agar agar, drinks, etc.

8- Always have something ready:

We suggest to always have something ready in the refrigerator either have something in the bag to not tempt us with another type of food less suitable. We are sure that there are foods that we love them and are very healthy and light, as certain fruits. We will try as you always have them at hand. We can even prepare fruit salad or bars nuts ourselves.

9- Drink plenty of water:

Water cleanses your body and fills our stomach when we wanted to chop something, but in reality we are not hungry. Many times we have thirst and our body confuses the signal. Why we drink a glass of water whenever you want snacks. If then we still have hunger, we can opt for something healthy as mentioned in the previous point.

10 Keys to lose weight eating better

10- Eat at home:

Whenever we eat at home we will know what we eat, but if we are going to eat out or buy precooked food possibly we will be consuming some healthy foods with fat poor quality. We can prepare quantities for several days and leave them in the refrigerator or freezer to take them when we have to eat out.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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