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Treatment of the major diseases of the nails

Hands are these inseparable friends we have each day before us. They are part of our communication, we use them for work and also to seduce. And no, nails are an indispensable part of that balance, of that beauty. But sometimes they look not so healthy as we hope. How we can remedy their fragility and their associated diseases?

1- Main diseases of the nails:

For women, they are that part of our hands which we always like to be maintained. They are a sign of health and beauty. But occasionally, either by a diet wrong, lack of vitamins, or even some fungus or any concerns, we see how every day seem weaker and with a defect that is beginning to worry. What can we do? Don't worry, you will learn what are the most common diseases of our nails and how to remedy them.

Treatment of the major diseases of the nails

1. The Onychomycosis:

So has it happened you ever? It is annoying and painful. Fungal infections are infectious diseases caused by microscopic fungi, especially affecting our fingernails. It is what is known as Onychomycosis. We can suffer in many different ways: it can lift one end of the nail below having a sort of grey shade, or may appear us white spots that immediately put us on alert.
Another feature is such a sort of thickening of the cutaneous fold that runs along the. The nails become suddenly thick, brittle or grooved.

How to treat it?

We have to put it in our medical knowledge to make an analysis, and find out as well what kind of fungus causes us disease, which can be from a dermatophyte, a yeast or a mold. If it is a dermatophyte, for example, what is done is a kind of chemical pickling by dressing soaked in substances that soften the nails to remove that element. Besides taking antifungal oral.
While you take the treatment prescribed by your physician, you can follow simple home remedies that we passed to reflect you:

Mix three drops of oil from the tea tree in a tablespoon of olive oil, and apply it with a cotton ball on the nail affected during 20 days. Very easy. You can find tea tree oil natural commercially.
Extract juice from a lemon, to submerge the foot or hand where we have the nail affected by Mycosis. 20 days also.
We can also use half cup of cider vinegar natural Apple, where we soak the tip of the foot or hand where is the Mycosis. Do it for 10 days, drying them well then fingers. It is very effective.

Treatment of the major diseases of the nails

2. Ingrown toenail:

A very common reality, no doubt. Happens when the side edges of the nail (almost always the big toe toe) sink into the skin, causing pain and even an infection. It happens sometimes due to some accident, by the fall of something in our foot, wear shoes wrong, by practicing certain sports... or even by naturally have a little complicated one that always causes us problems.

How to treat it?

Toenails treatment almost always requires a little medical intervention to remedy it and cure it, since infections can become quite serious.
As recommendation have always talk a good prevention and to do this, you must remember for example that it is important to cut the nail straight and never oval, since thus they can become embedded into the skin on the sides. Always leave the outer edges parallel to the skin.
As for home remedies to deal with ingrown toenails, typically using products that act as natural antibiotics and are able to lower inflammation and heal infections. Notes: put a clove of garlic in the toenail and sell it to toe at night. You can also soak the nails affected with the juice of an onion for at least 20 minutes. Do it every day over a week, drying them well then fingers. On the other hand, always salt water baths are very effective. Fill a bucket and dropped 5 tablespoons of sea salt, to let your feet soak 20 minutes, you go very well.

Treatment of the major diseases of the nails

3. Scaling of nails:

Many people suffer from desquamated nails. But what exactly is? It is a phenomenon in which nails come in thin layers similar to scales. It is annoying, they hook to clothes... and keep that in mind, a scaly fingernail is sign of a health problem.
And indicates what kind of diseases? Problems in the thyroid, lack of hydration, contact with chemicals, poor diet, lack of rest, anxiety and even stress. We must bear it in mind.

How to treat it?

We recommend going to a dermatologist, and Furthermore, that go to your doctor so it will make you a check and find out why is this scaling on the nails. Meanwhile, if you see that you're suffering from this phenomenon, sees increasing your dose of calcium, vitamin A, B and D, avoiding those foods that prevent their absorption, such as coffee.
Ideal also consume liquids, fresh fruits, and vegetables to prevent flaking, taking into account the following tips:

Do not use cheap or shoddy, glazes that may contain chemicals that can damage our fingernails.
Uses specific glazes to avoid the appearance of scales, at least 3 times a week. You can find them in pharmacies.
Avoid cutting the scales to avoid further damage nails.
Takes note of something simple and very effective: soak fingers in a bowl of Apple Cider vinegar for 3 minutes, at least 2 times a week.
To seal the scales and moisturize the nails, a very simple solution is to moisturize our fingernails with olive oil. Something as effective as healthy.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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