Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Heel spur: symptoms and treatment

Have you had it on occasion? It is a very common reality, caused by a very small bone formation on our heel. It produces pain and prevents us from performing daily activities. You must you have patience and follow appropriate guidelines to be able to recover fully. We will explain you.

Heel spur: symptoms and treatment

1- Do we suffer the called "spur?

According to the orthopedic surgeons tell us, suffer it in general one of four people. I.e., we all have a high probability of experiencing the spur on occasion. It happens by the appearance of a small bone spicule right at the heel.
But, why does it come? Basically arises because of the age, is the most common. But it is common to turn on young people who are forced to spend much time standing. Having a few extra pounds would also be a factor to consider.
Another fact to keep in mind is that the probability tells us that it is also very common among people with a little elastic Achilles tendon, so thus, often escape prevention. Depending on your Anatomy and characteristics of your foot, you can have greater or lesser risk for the annoying spur.

2- What symptoms are present the spur?

The spur is first and foremost a few stabbing pains whose intensity, they depend on the effort you make.
The pain is stronger in the morning, especially when we support the heel for the first time. To spending many hours inactive, that first step is always quite painful.
The pain is localized at a point in the heel, and we identified him very well.
Another aspect to consider is that, due to the pressure exercised by the footwear above that bone spicule, is very common to the area appear red and inflamed. The pain is very high.

3- Appropriate exercises to help solve the spur:

Heel spur: symptoms and treatment

1. Exercise of the towel on the floor:

In addition to guidelines that give us our physician and orthopedic surgeon, it would be suggested that we follow the following. The exercise is well suited to help treat the spur. But yes, you must do so carefully avoiding to overload it.
This exercise is very easy. Sit in a Chair or on the couch not lose their balance, then put a towel on the ground in front of you and try to catch it with the toes. These simple movements help restore mobility and relieve the heel spur. Very easy. Do this about 3 times a day.

2. Small stretch:

Very easy, would not have more than lean on the edges of a table and pretend you jog. In that way, one leg is flexed and the other carries a small stretch in the heel area. Do this exercise for 5 minutes at least twice a day. Something soft, without getting tired.

Heel spur: symptoms and treatment

3. Roll a bottle of water:

Another very simple and relaxing exercise. It would be appropriate that you filled a water bottle and take it to the refrigerator so that it will freeze. Once frozen, put it in the ground on a towel, now put on foot, the foot where suffer of calcaneal spur, and roll on your sole. A repetitive motion that must last at least 5 minutes. Do this three times a day.
As you can see, this type of exercises based on simple stretching, they are very effective. In the evenings, you can help a type of very appropriate splints for treating the heel spur. They are a type of bands that you'll find in pharmacies. Over time you will find yourself better, although you know that in many cases you need an operation to solve the problem. So be patient and take care of you.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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