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Benefits of placing flowers at home and work

Did you know that flowers and plants are not merely aesthetic or decoration in interior environment? It is found that offer different advantages and that it is worth having them visible on any environment. In the next article, you will know what are the benefits of placing flowers at home and work.

Benefits of placing flowers at home and work

1- Flowers and plants at home: what are:

If you want to have a more positive environment, please do not hesitate to start filling pots with colorful flowers. According to research from Harvard University, the benefits of them is that they radiate their colors and aromas, which brings as a consequence, for example, greater vitality to the time of rise and more energy throughout the day.
Some of the benefits of having flowers at home are:

1. Leave aside the stress:

It may seem a utopia, but it is the reality. The flowers have the ability to eliminate the stress levels that make us sick or make that anything is reason for the fight at home. If you have a room full of flowers, resting after work you feel completely renovated. And if you have flowers colorful in the room or hallway, it is also as a warm welcome to the street. You can choose you want, any flowers that you combine with the design of your House, for example.

2. They provide satisfaction:

For all the senses, the flowers are synonymous with creativity and harmony. If you love what you do, but you've given realize that you need a little imagination, then, keep the atmosphere full of flowers. Thus, the balance is perfect. They will help you to feel good as a person and as a professional, especially if you work at home. Your daily activities will be completely different and even washing dishes will be quite an adventure.

3. You can recycle:

Using a bottle, a can or a bottle you can make a beautiful container to place your flowers there. You to recycle and not only do you good to the planet, but to your pocket, because you don't have to spend on pots. What uses you have at home and take advantage to show your artisan skills.

Benefits of placing flowers at home and work

4. You will enjoy natural fragrance:

None of incense sticks, incense, scented candles, humidifiers... flowers will bring you lots of natural aromas. Choose those that have more fragrance and that last longer, as in the case of jasmine. Rather than throw perfume spray, which are not favorable to the environment, opt for something more natural that beautify the environments at the same time.

5. You'll save money:

The flowers are not always expensive. You can go to a nursery or a fair where sold by quantity and take advantage of offers to place throughout your House. If you are motivated and have place, until you can grow your own species.

6. You relax you and you'll be in a better mood:

The subdued colors of white, pink or yellow flowers may be need to sleep better at night or lower levels of anxiety and nervousness that you face every day. Remember that the intense tones as Fuchsia or red will have the opposite effect, not advised placed in the room.

7. They purify the air and help you breathe better:

When making photosynthesis, flowers and plants absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen, complementing the breathing process. At the same time, they provide moisture in the atmosphere, so it reduces the amount of dust and particles, ideal for those who suffer from respiratory problems.

Benefits of placing flowers at home and work

2- Flowers and plants in the office: what we offer:

Rather than be beautiful and be decorative, give us advantages in other areas, such as productivity and good atmosphere.

1. Improve the relationship with colleagues:

The flowers have the ability to create a more relaxed atmosphere between those who work in the office. This has different reasons, for example, to see something colorful in the meantime gray cement or by vacuuming the aroma. All this affects improve mood and consequently improve relations with we have around him, as well as job performance in general.

2. Remove the air quality:

We spend many hours in a space that does not always have a good ventilation or a place outdoors to breathe. Place flowers and plants in the office serves to absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. I.e., that I'll be breathing a less loaded and much more pure air. To help that I from getting sick us less. If we add the fact that increase the humidity to that, mucous membranes, skin and throat will be more hydrated, reducing the effects of air conditioning and heating.

3. They reduce static:

In offices, computers, printers, copiers, mobile phones and other devices generate a field of electricity that can make us evil being beside him for so many hours a day. The flowers have the ability to reduce the static of electronic devices.

4. They reduce noise:

Mostly indoors or with hard floors. Flowers and plants may drown those sounds that make us bad ears and that have an impact on our head, causing pain. They are perfect for work where the use of certain machines or processes are too loud. They can also remove smoke, pathogens and dust from these machines.

Benefits of placing flowers at home and work

5. Improve productivity:

As well as also the ability to study and focus, increasing the performance of employees, reducing the are working and achieving greater effectiveness in the tasks.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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