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How to get rid of the depression of the Sunday

Once you've finished lunch, you realize that you are just a few hours of rest and tranquility until the alarm clock rings and you have to deal with the week. And if you think taking a NAP, this time seems that it flies. So, more and more people feel sad this day. You can learn how to remove the depression on Sunday, so today, in the following article.
Called "depression of Sunday" is defined as a feeling of unexplained anxiety or sadness, but also as chest tightness, palpitations, feeling of breathlessness, like crying. Physicians indicate that it is not a disease in itself because it only appears in one day in particular and usually does not cause a serious imbalance. But that it annoying, annoying.

How to get rid of the depression of the Sunday

1- On Sunday, the increasingly frequent depression:

That feeling of sadness that appears at some time on Sunday us is indicating time resting or 'freedom' is coming to an end, until you pass the working week. Some say that this sentiment appears after eating, others in the evening. The truth is that it will worsen with the passing of the hours and becomes really unbearable at night.
Although the majority of people can pass through the situation in a graceful manner, he doesn't happen week after week. If you do not you, may be an exception. But you've heard insurance from a friend, family member or neighbor.
There are several reasons for which depresses us Sunday. For example, because from Monday to Friday we follow a very hectic pace of life, we do not stop a minute. Then, when we have a whole day to do nothing, sleep late and away from the problems of the office, the body (and mind) does not know how to act, lack them that dose of adrenaline that injected us with the body and does not allow to carry out our activities.
On the other hand, because we feel a few slaves to the system, we are in a job that we don't like or a bit, we have to support the Chief, customers or colleagues, I like not us travel like sardines in the metro, we hate to use suit or heels, etc. That sense of freedom that it brings us Sunday, soon looks cloudy when we fall into account that soon, will have to return to the cage or prison that has become work.
Having free time, we tend to analyze what happens to us, we reflect more on our life, we are not philosophical issues that perhaps other days we don't have time not to imagine them, to believe in the future or what we want our lives, etc. And the simple fact of bringing up the future, can cause us a lot of anxiety and distress and depression.
And in some cases, the sadness of the Sunday relates to loneliness, especially when people who live alone, where perhaps the only social contact is given when it works or if it meets for lunch with his family. In the afternoon, return home, given account that is alone, bored and therefore is depressed.

How to get rid of the depression of the Sunday

2- Proposals to eliminate the depression of Sunday:

Many psychologists suggest that typical depression on Sunday is due to lack of activities or to do fewer things than during the week. Also it may be due to this day we take to make certain activities as arranged garden, mowing the lawn, cleaning the House or prepare meals for the entire week. These rituals can do to decline mood. Therefore, to avoid this, keep in mind these alternatives or effective and interesting:

Avoid watching so much television:

Out of the sofa that you apoltronaste on Friday afternoon and turn off the television. If you spend it all weekend against this boob, not you fighting boredom, but I believe otherwise. The routine is very related to depression. In the case of TV, also generates dependency, wanting to buy things they don't need, frustration and dissatisfaction.

It organizes to see friends or relatives:

The idea is that you do something different that you remove from the monotony and also enjoy spending some time with the people you most want to. Have lunch at your parents or in-laws House, go to the park with your children, organized a football match with your friends (or letters), go for a walk or to the cinema, you can go to eat outside. Anything that is pleasant is welcome.

Practice exercise:

While it is true that Sunday should be the day to rest the diet or the gym, physical activities also help you release hormones of happiness and well-being. The euphoria caused by endorphins, gives us a feeling of comfort that lasts up to 12 hours later. Great for not hating alarm clock.

How to get rid of the depression of the Sunday

Listening to music:

Do not count those songs that depress you, make you think about an old love or make you stay asleep. It prefers moving music, to dance and move the skeleton. As with exercise, it will produce good hormones for your humor. Pass unforgettable moments with your family, dance with your children, your partner or your dog. Put the volume as high as possible and forget about the depression Sunday.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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