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How to harden nails

Brittle nails that break at the slightest touch, have needed to see beautiful hardness, which are hurt or that cannot grow beyond the limits of the fingers. All these problems so common can be part of the past with these remedies and natural tips of how to harden nails.

How to harden nails

1- Home remedies for stronger nails:

If you're that without having painted fingernails they crack, break or they hook, you can bet on these natural remedies to harden them. They are all very effective and worth trying them.
Remedy of raw onion to harden nails: although it is true that the aroma given off by the onion is not nice and it can make you cry the process, it must also be said that it is an effective remedy so that the nails are much stronger. In addition, nothing compares to the trauma of always see disarrayed hands. Short an onion in half, make a hole in the Center and place to fingernails 15 minutes. Then wash your hands (smell can be impregnated, so it is advised to do so by night or week-end).
Remedy of natural oils to harden nails: especially the almond oil, but all essential oils are very good. Place two tablespoons in a container and mixed with two tablespoons of olive oil. With an cotton, view "painting" the nails and leave them from absorbing the oil. Repeat up to three times a day.
Remedy of garlic to harden nails: can also be unpleasant smell as is the case with the onion, nobody said that beauty was simple. Place a few well chopped cloves of garlic in a glass of water. It set aside and dips there nails for 20 minutes. Repeat two times a day.
Remedy for rosemary to strengthen nails: for this recipe, you need one cup of water and two tablespoons of Rosemary. Boil for five minutes and removed from the fire, leaving to cool several minutes. Place infusion in a bowl and dip nails 10 minutes. He reiterated twice a week.
Remedy of aloe Vera to revitalize nails: aloe Vera has many properties, probably because you know it. In this case, it will help you to improve the condition of nails in a short time. You will need a spoonful of gel of aloe Vera and three drops of olive oil. It mixes both good and stir until completely blended. You soak a ball of cotton and passes on the nails. Leave it to absorb and repeat often consider necessary.
Cucumber for brittle nails lotion: blend several cucumbers without removing the husk. Juice you get place it in a container where the tips of the fingers you takes minutes every day for a week.
Horsetail for weak nails lotion: all you need is to make an infusion with a handful of ponytail per cup of water and soak nails in it, when it is warm.
Home remedy of wheat germ: heated in a bowl four tablespoons of bath wheat germ oil maria for a few minutes. Remove from fire, cool and adds a few drops of lemon juice. Enter your fingers for ten minutes.
Home remedy for olive oil, honey and egg: three elements very nutritious and with fantastic properties. In a bowl mix a tablespoon of olive oil, one of honey and egg yolk until you obtain a homogeneous paste. It is applied on each nail by performing a soft massage. Leave to act for half an hour and rinse with a little water.
'Express' nail remedies: opt for any of these instant remedies: Insert nails in lemon juice two times a day; rub with a clove of garlic nails; Rub a white iodine swab dry well; it dips the nails in a bowl of Apple Cider vinegar each day, preferably before going to sleep.

How to harden nails

2- Strong and beautiful nails tips:

In addition to choose any of the home remedies listed above, it is good that you have in mind (and meet) the following tips if you are looking for stronger nails:

Uses a removes glazes that does not contain ingredients that damage the health of your nails. Acetone is very effective for removing enamel, there are healthier options.
Eats dairy and foods that contain calcium, protein and vitamins A and E, as well as drinking 8 glasses of water per day. Keep in mind that the brittle nails can mean a high degree of stress or poor diet.
Do not keep your hands wet for too long. To wash clothes or dishes, use gloves; you are not a long time in the shower and hot water. Use protection for your hands when you do the garden or clean home.
Lima regular nails, square-shaped and always in the same direction. If possible, the lime non-metal. Paints with hardener (yourself, you can create one by adding a clove of garlic, crushed to a transparent glaze).
Remove the nail completely, using as well as the removes enamel, SOAP and warm water. Dry with a cotton towel and massage with olive oil.
Do not open cans or you to scratch with nails, use elements appropriate to do so.
You do not bite fingernails because in addition to not grow, they flake to be in contact with the saliva constantly.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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