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African mango, fruit that revolutionized diets

Really not you serve to live nibbling celery sticks, enjoying a meal, it is a pleasure that you can not deprive you. And, however, how much you like to lose those pounds that you left over it for so long... well, everything indicates that the answer to your prayers appeared, something that will make you lose no less than 8 - 11 kg in 4 weeks! It seems incredible, huh? Because together discover the secrets of the African mango, fruit that revolutionized diets.

African mango, fruit that revolutionized diets

1- A fruit that revolutionized diets:

African mango, whose scientific name is Irvingia gabonensis, is a tree typical of West Africa that reaches from 25 to 40 meters and is much appreciated for its nutritional and medicinal properties. Although it has now come to Spain and South America has been consumed by the inhabitants of that region for over 200 years in the form of fresh fruit and as a thickener in soups.
The seed of this fruit is known as dikke or ogbono nut. According to anthropological research, these people not only use the African mango as food but also to treat yellow fever and persistent diarrhea. The most interesting is that it is an excellent help during the hunts because it reduces the feeling of hunger.
Insurance you wonder then and what is its effect on the weight of the people?
I tell you that the African mango is being investigated deeply, because their properties have stimulated the curiosity of scientists. So far published three studies with the same main result: African mango helps lose weight!
In two of the investigations were selected 2 groups of random individuals who needed to lose weight, which consumed over a period of 4 to 10 weeks respectively determined amount of African mango or a placebo according to a who touched you, without changing your daily routine.
At the end of studies, which had taken Irvingia gabonensis 30 minutes before meals got slimming 5.6% of body weight (about 10 kilos in the case of the second study) compared to 1% of the placebo group. Decreases in cholesterol levels and blood glucose were also observed. An extract of the African mango, the IGOB131, was used in the third research to inoculating mice, observing that the storage of fat in the cells is inhibited.
Today there are many companies that offer capsules of extract of Irvingia gabonensis based on these studies and the positive testimonies offered by hundreds of people who have used this product. The following benefits are attributed to him.

2- Benefits of African Mango:

Important weight loss: 3 kg in the first week to 11 in the fourth.
It helps to burn fat.
Acceleration of metabolism.
It lowers the levels of cholesterol, especially LDL
Stabilizes blood sugar levels
Decreases appetite: due to its high content of fiber.
Antioxidant properties.
It helps in the Elimination of toxins.
Effective nutritional supplement: due to its content of vitamin B.
Regulates the activity of leptin: influences the feeling of satiety.
A wonder huh? sure that they make you want to try it, but first you need to know several things.

3- What should I do?

There are several points that you should keep in mind if you are going to buy and consume African mango:

1. Only seed:

Remember that what is used in the preparation of capsules is African mango seed, so do not be fooled. Especially look at the concentration of IGOB131 present in the excerpt that you buy, remember that their effectiveness was tested in a study and that the good results of this treatment depend on the quality of the used formula.

2. Diet supplement:

African mango is a complement to a healthy diet, where their influence on your appetite will do that every time you consume fewer calories in each one of the six foods that you should do during the day. Take plenty of water and if you can get some exercise.

African mango, fruit that revolutionized diets

3. Take it before the meal:

There has been greater effectiveness if the summary capsule is taken 30 minutes before the meal with a glass of water.

4. Follow the manufacturer's instructions:

Although it is a natural supplement effective doses are indicated on the case because they depend on the percentage of purity of the summary. Follow the signs and you will get good results.

5. Beware of scams:

In these purchases online, it is always possible to get ripped off, well with a poor quality product that uses any kind of handle that is not effective or the sale of products that do not exist. Whenever you can order it in a trade where you can claim and avoids the pages with spectacular offers.

4- Does this product have any contraindications?

No, simply, as any new food that we incorporate to our diet and causes changes in metabolism, African mango may have some side effects, which last only a few days. So you are not going to scare you here going:

Side effects of the African Mango:

Headaches: generally reflect that you need to drink water and your blood sugar levels are declining.
Flatulence: Due to the acceleration of the metabolism.
Insomnia: As described is caused by the increase in energy levels. It is a problem that will go away very quickly.
Dizziness: It is rare to happen, but it may be due to the decrease in the intake of calories due to the decrease in appetite.

African mango, fruit that revolutionized diets

5- A few final words:

Now you know the positive and negative effects the African mango can have on your life. Perhaps this is the answer so long have you been waiting for: a natural, cheap and effective product. The final choice is yours, take the reins of your life and give you the opportunity to lose weight that you spare. The handle together African and you can make it.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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